Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Day the Crayons Came Home - a review

The Day the Crayons Came Home
The Day the Crayons Came Home
By Drew Daywalt
Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
Published by Philomel Books

I remember first reading The Day the Crayons Quit at Barnes and Noble.  I was laughing out loud in the bookstore.  I remember thinking, this is a book that kids will want to read.  Now this was years ago.  I hadn't discovered The Nerdy Book Club, Twitter, or my reading tribe yet.  I was just a reading teacher who realized that it was books that kids needed.  It wasn't a packaged program. Kids need to read.  I hadn't heard about this book from anyone, I just picked it up and read it.  I remember bringing it to school and using it where I could.  Then the "Crayons" picked up momentum.  There were on state lists and library hold lists everywhere!  I was so glad to see Crayon love.

And now, I get to ride the ride all over again.  Because this past week, we were given the gift of the Crayons coming back.  Well, not at first.  You see Duncan has been a bit careless with his crayons.  They are scattered all over.  And now they're writing postcards to let him know they want to be found.  Daywalt's humor has gotten funnier, snarkier, and it's going to be a hit with all readers.  The Crayons have found themselves in places that no crayon, or person, wants to go.  They've done embarrassing things, they've changed, some want to leave, some want to come home.  But in the end, they just want to be with Duncan.

Oliver Jeffers' illustrations certainly add to the humor of the story.  I found myself in each subsequent reading (oh yes, there have already been many) finding new little details in each drawing.  Last night, my daughter and I discovered the clever postal stamp locations.  And a glow in the dark page?  Anyone besides me immediately go to a closed in room and turn off all the lights?

It seemed to me that Daywalt left the ending a bit open for a sequel.  While I look forward to a sequel with open arms, I'm going to ride the high of this new Crayons book for awhile longer.
And go back and laugh.  At Neon Red, what a goofy guy.  And Esteban.  I really want a crayon that says Esteban on it.


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  1. I remember laughing out loud the first time I read The Day the Crayons Quit Too. I was reading it to my son and I actually got a bit hysterical, I just found it so funny. Of course the more I laughed, the more he scowled, LOL. He'll probably refuse to read the sequel with me, but I can't wait to get it! So glad it's a good one.