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#road2reading Challenge - Charlie&Mouse&Grumpy 9.19.17

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I have fond memories of being young and having my grandparents stay with me.  It was always a treat knowing they were there in the house when you woke up and you had the whole day with them.  Sometimes it was a treat just knowing you would get to share your daily routine with them - whether it was your usual lunch or board games or imaginative play.  Grandparents always made the usual into something special.

Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy by Laurel Snyder
Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy
written by Laurel Snyder
illustrated by Emily Hughes
published by Chronicle
October 3rd

Charlie and Mouse are back and this time it's their grandfather, or Grumpy, that comes to stay with them.  Having Grumpy there means figuring out a little bit more about yourself and learning more about how an older generation works (spoiler alert: they sleep a lot more in the day time!).  Each chapter tells another adventure with Grumpy, but each one is really just a celebration of time spent with a loved one.  Grumpy helps make old fun new again.  Whether it's because he has a new perspective of things, or because he shows Charlie and Mouse a new way of doing something.  I think young readers will love the heartwarming chapters and hopefully be able to relate it to something they get to do when a loved one comes visiting.

I like this Charlie and Mouse sequel even better than the first one.  I think the chapters flow better than the first story and center around a common idea.  There are a few word concepts that may have to be discussed (what does it mean to be medium, the word 'armchair') and it does require young readers to infer a bit (what does it mean to pounce, there is a metaphor for feelings in the last chapter), but I think most readers will be able to rely on some schema to help them problem solve.

I'm really excited to have this chapter book series in my library.  I think it's an appropriate one to have in a kg-3rd grade library and with Emily Hughes' illustrations, it will appeal to those readers.

The series also has a fantastic teaching guide.  Take a look at it here.

Be sure to find Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy on October 3rd.

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