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#road2reading Challenge - upcoming series from little bee 12.05.17

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Last school year I found the transitional chapter book series, Tales of Sasha, published by little bee.  My students loved this series about a horse that discovers a big secret! 

I was excited to see that little bee publishers has some new transitional chapter book series that are getting ready to make their debut in early 2018.  Here's some info about them:

The Major Eights series
Book one:  Battle of the Bands
Book two:  Scarlet's Big Break
written by Melody Reed
illustrated by Émilie Pépin
publishes January 2nd

#1: Battle of the Bands
Goodreads summary for Battle of the Bands
Jasmine, Maggie, Becca, and Scarlet love jamming together in Jasmine's basement. Maggie bangs on the drums, Becca strums her guitar, Jasmine plunks the keys of her keyboard, and Scarlet wails into her hairbrush mic. Even though they may not have the best equipment, or an audience, they have fun making music to their own beat. But when Jasmine's brother tells her about an upcoming Battle of the Bands competition, Jasmine thinks this could be their chance to prove they're a real band. Now she just has to convince the other girls. . . .

With each book told from a different girl's perspective, this series is all about girl power, diversity, and marching to the beat of your own drum!

#2: Scarlet's Big Break (The Major Eights)
Goodreads summary for Scarlet's Big Break
After their Battle of the Bands competition, the girls are famous! Everyone knows who they are now--even strangers recognize them! But the attention starts to go to Scarlet's head, and she decides to sign up for the school's talent show as s solo artist. But what about the Major Eights? Should she really leave the band and her friends behind?

With each book told from a different girl's perspective, this series is all about girl power, diversity, and marching to the beat of your own drum!

The Alien Next Door series
Book one:  The New Kid
Book two:  Aliens for Dinner?!
written by A.I. Newton
illustrated by Anjan Sarkar
publishes March 6th

#1: The New Kid (The Alien Next Door)
Goodreads summary for The New Kid
In the first book of the brand-new early chapter book series, the Alien Next Door, an alien boy named Zeke tries to fit in and adjust to life on Earth, while a classmate, Harris, suspects that Zeke might not be quite what he claims to be.

Zeke is on his way to his first day of school, feeling down because he has to start over again on a new planet, as his scientist parents constantly move to wherever their research takes them. When he gets to school, no one seems to notice anything strange or different about him except Harris, a kid obsessed with science fiction and aliens. Harris sees Zeke doing extraordinary things but can't convince anyone, least of all his best friend, Roxy, that Zeke might be an alien. Roxy just thinks Harris is jealous that she's becoming friends with Zeke. But when Roxy invites Zeke over to Harris's house, will Harris find a way to prove that he's right?

#2: Aliens for Dinner?!
Goodreads summary for Aliens for Dinner?!
In the second book of the Alien Next Door series, Harris and Roxy go over to Zeke's house and meet his strange family. Will Harris be able to prove to Roxy that Zeke and his family are aliens?

Harris has his suspicions that the new kid at school, Zeke, is an alien, but he hasn't been able to prove it to his best friend, Roxy. When they're both invited over to Zeke's house, Harris thinks this is the perfect opportunity for him to research Zeke's alien family and show Roxy that they're all from another planet. But Roxy is perfectly fine playing with all of Zeke’s alien technology, which she just thinks is "hi-tech," and as a thank-you, Harris's parents invite Zeke's parents over for dinner.

At dinner, no one but Harris seems to notice all the strange things Zeke’s family is doing—like making food levitate to their mouths. However, Zeke realizes that Harris is the only one noticing these things and decides to use this opportunity to have a little more fun at dinner. . . .

Looks like we'll be seeing more from both series in May 2018!

With the short chapters, larger font and illustrations, i think these series have wide appeal for students in 1st - 3rd grades.  I'll be adding both series to my collection!

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