Wednesday, January 1, 2020

#mustreadin2020 list

Happy 2020!  I'm looking forward to this new year and new decade!  One of my absolute favorite things to do at the start of every new year is to create my mustread list for that year.  Be sure to follow along with my links for #mustread on the right side of the page for more information about this community.  

Yesterday I closed out 2019 with a round up of how my #mustreadin2019 year went.  It was the first year I completed all of the books on my list.  Sticking with a list of 12 books, one each month, was certainly the way to go.  So of course this year I have 17 books on my list (seriously, smacking my head right now.....).  I just couldn't bring the list down.  As I organized some shelves this past summer and fall, I started adding books to a future mustread pile.  But unfortunately that did not include some books I had up in my room.  I'll try it out.  Worst thing that can happen is I have more books to read for the following year, lol!

Here are the books I'll be reading this year:

January:  Becoming by Michelle Obama
February:  Shadow and Boneˆby Leigh Bardugo
March:  The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani and Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson
April:  The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo and Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
May:  Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams
June:  Love, Ruby Lavender, each little bird that sings, The Aurora County All-Stars by Deborah Wiles
July:  In Your Shoes by Donna Gephart
August:  Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere by Julie T. Lamana
September:  Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh
October:  Fleabrain Loves Franny by Joanne Rocklin
November:  See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles
December:  Framed! and Vanished! by James Ponti

Looks like another great year of reading, right?  Some new(ly)-ish published books and some that have been around for awhile.  All books I own.  All waiting to be read!

I'll be back in December 2020 to update you on my progress!

Happy 2020 reading!


  1. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a book I've never read, but I feel that I should have! I enjoyed The Night Diary because I learned something about history. Nowhere Boy is another one I really enjoyed and one of those books that I didn't hear much buzz about, but feel that I should have. Of course, I loved In Your Shoes, too, because Donna Gephart's books are always great. Happy New Year!

  2. I listened to the audio of Edward Tulane and loved it! I read See You at Harry's a long time ago but the story has stayed with me.
    The Night Diary is still on my TBR and I think I may go the audio route as well. Thankful for Audible credits I have used! Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

  3. Aww...Edward Tulane was one of my favorite read-alouds when I taught 4yh grade. Such a beautiful message. Upside Down is a popular book club selection for my 6th graders. I have Genesis on my radar too! Happy Reading, Michele!

  4. I read Becoming and absolutely loved it! Definitely gave me a new appreciation for all that the Obamas went through and how that completely contrasts our current office holder. Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere was heart wrenching and a fantastic read. Have you read Rain Reign? If not, I highly recommend. Happy reading to you!

  5. My daughter is a super fan of Marissa Meyer's and we read through the whole Lunar Chronicles series together. Enjoy. That looks like an awesome list. I like the idea of allotting one book a month to a must read stack. Might have to try that. Especially if I can choose books that are already on my shelf. Doh! Thanks for sharing!