Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Dragons and Gaming books part 2! 5.03.22

Last year I shared some middle grade titles about dragons (here).  Dragons are a hot topic and I always have readers who are looking for more.  Another topic that readers are always on the lookout for are books about gaming.  Here are some new titles for your collections!

Dragon Ops by Mari Mancusi
Dragon Ops: Dragons vs. Robots
by Mari Mancusi
I really enjoyed the first Dragon Ops book.  This series combines gaming and robots so I feel like readers have found their book glory with this one!  The first book found our main characters, siblings Ian and Lilli, stuck in a game where the only way out is to defeat the big baddie, the dragon Atreus.
In book two, Ian keeps seeing and hearing Atreus in his head no matter where he goes.  But when he finds out his friend Ikumi, who only lives online, needs help, Ian knows he has to face his fears and Atreus again.  
Book two has Ian and Lilli inside a new game with new obstacles, so while the premise may sound familiar, it does feel different than the first book.
After I finished book one, I knew it would have a sequel.  Book two certainly leaves the door open, but I have not seen anything about a book #3.

Dragon Legend by Katie Tsang
Dragon Legend
by Katie and Kevin Tsang
Another sequel, and this one leaves you breathless!  This series follows four friends: Billy, Dylan, Charlotte, and Ling-Fei and their bonded dragons as they try and find the evil Dragon of Death and the special missing pearls.  This one picked up right where book one left off and then didn't stop until the cliffhanger at the end.  Luckily, book three publishes today!  I enjoyed the theme of friendship and how being there for each other is its own kind of protection.  These stories really make you want to have your own dragon!  But be warned, there are some surprising twists in this one, so don't put your guard down!
I like the length of this series and the trim size of the books.  Perfect for dragon enthusiasts who are looking for an amazing adventure and a book they won't be able to put down!

Dino Trouble by Nate Bitt
Arcade World: Dino Trouble
written by Nate Bitt
This new graphic novel series introduces us to Travis and Journey.  They are two friends who love gaming.  They play of games of all kinds (there's even a little mention about doing a lot of online gaming while everyone had to stay apart for awhile) but when a mysterious new arcade opens up - where all the games are free to play - Travis and Journey think they found a new favorite hangout!  But when scenes from a favorite game start coming to life and they find their lives in danger, they have to figure out who is behind it and how will it end.  With books 2-4 already planned for this year, I know readers are going to enjoy this series!

City of Thieves by Alex London
Battle Dragons: City of Thieves
by Alex London
If you have readers who love dragon stories, this is a must have!  It's fast-paced and high on adventure!
Abel lives in Drakopolis where dragons have been domesticated to suit the purposes of humans, as transportation, garbage-burners, and more.  However, the kins, or local gangs, use the dragons for battling and other purposes that benefit their kin.  Abel finds himself in the midst of a kin battle, and one he must win in order to save his family.
I'm looking forward to later this summer for book 2!

The Awakening Storm by Jaimal Yogis
City of Dragons: The Awakening Storm
by Jaimal Yogis and Vivian Truong
This graphic novel is perfect for intermediate and middle school readers.  If you enjoy dragons and manga, this has a touch of both.  The first in what will surely be a series, it introduces us to Grace.  We find out right away that she has experienced a family tragedy with the loss of her father.  Jump forward a few years, and she has now moved with her mom and stepfather to Hong Kong.  While trying to fit in, she ends up on an unapproved excursion and gains a dragon egg from a mysterious woman.  Grace and her new friends go on a mission to find out about Nate, their newly named dragon and find themselves in the depths of a mystery that brings past and present together.
The story had a few loose transitions that left me a little confused.  I had to take my time reading it to avoid any confusion.  I think it's a story that would have benefitted from some chapters to break it up a little.  However, graphic novel and dragon aficionados will enjoy this one and be anxious for book 2!

Hope you found a new book or series to pick up for your readers!