Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 10.15.14

NF PB 2014

We know that a big part of the CCSS is to include more informational texts into ourstudents' reading.  I quickly discovered I had a "gap" in my reading diet - the genre of informational texts!  To help me fill the gap this year, I am going to participate in Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesdays!  This is a great link-up hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy.  Please visit this website to see other educator's link-ups.  My goal is to read at least one informational text each week and post information on the blog.  The more books and subjects I read, the more I can encourage (my #OLW for 2014) other teachers to use in their classroom! 

Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons
Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons by Sara Levine
This book is such a great find!  Perfect if you teach animal adaptations.
It's easy enough to read and understand for younger readers and has great illustrations to help students visualize the difference between animal skeletons and human skeletons.  Fans of NFPB should definitely check this one out!

I am Albert Einstein
I am Albert Einstein by Brad Meltzer
I like this series, but it seems that I always find something to fault in each one.  This one felt like the content was even more diluted than others.  It brought across the point, the theme (which I think all the books in the series have) in which to question and feed your curiosity.  There seemed to be more of a graphic novel feel to more pages in this book than the others in the series, but some of the silly comments will be lost on young readers.  I found it interesting this book had source books and additional reading titles.  I don't remember the others having that!


  1. I have bought a couple of the Brad Meltzer books and skimmed the Rosa Parks one. I need to sit down and read more carefully.

  2. The Brad Meltzer books look great, but I haven't had a chance to read any yet--thank you for reminding me of them. I will have to get some.
    I also enjoyed Bone by Bone and can see how students will like the information it gives.

  3. I don't know how I missed you today, Michele. Bone By Bone looks terrific. My older granddaughter is fascinated with skeletons. It's good to hear about the series & the issues with it, too. Perhaps On A Beam of Light would be a better choice for introducing him? Thanks, Michele!

  4. I haven't read any of these Brad Meltzer titles yet. Now I am curious. I agree with Linda - On a Beam of Light is quite amazing.

  5. Thanks for telling us about Bone by Bone. That is a new one for us

  6. I've seen the Brad Meltzer titles in our library here, but haven't had a chance to really look into them that thoroughly. Thanks for sharing your reservations! :)