Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Monster Round Up!

Dining with...Monsters!: A Disgusting Way to Count to 10!                                     The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings

Monster Trouble!                                               Mind Your Monsters

It's a Monster Round-Up from Sterling Books!  Thanks to Joshua Redlich at Sterling Children's Books, I have the pleasure of sharing these four monstrously fun books with you! A span for all ages, I know at least one will be just right to share with your readers!

Dining With...Monster! by Agnese Baruzzi
There are so many reasons for a child to enjoy this book:  there are flaps, it's silly, you turn the book sideways to read, and it has an app that is included!  A number concept book, these silly monsters and their disgusting appetites will delight young readers this fall!

The Color Monster by Anna Llenas
This is a gorgeous pop-up book that covers an ambiguous topic for children - feelings.  The Color Monster has his feelings all mixed up and our young heroine helps him sort those tricky feelings out.  The pop-ups aren't your traditional open up the page and one thing pops up.  There are pop ups and strings and windows and cut-outs and moveable parts.  With the Disney Pixar film "Inside Out" being such a hit this summer, I think another book that explores those emotions in ones head will be a sure fire winner!

Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson
I love those books that win you over because of the heart of the story!  This one has it, and it made me smile.  I have no doubt reading this book with kindergartners and first graders, there will be giggles and smiles.  Great book for the younger crowd.

Mind Your Monsters by Catherine Bailey
Even monsters want to hear the magic word!  But before that, it's destruction time!  Gorgeous illustrations by Oriol Vidal - a color palette that bursts with bright colors - and a fun story, this will delight young readers.

What fun books to read aloud during the month of October!  No doubt kids will be asking for them long after the Halloween spirit wears off, these books are sure to be a favorite for months to come.

Be sure to check your local bookstore or library for these titles!

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  1. How cute! My little ones would love these. I love the cover illustration on Mind Your Monsters.