Saturday, May 14, 2016

Celebrate This Week! 5.14.16 Week 3

It's always good to end the week on a positive note.  Sometimes we concentrate on the negatives.  We have a choice.  Choose positive.  Choose to celebrate.  I will be joining Ruth Ayres and her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week.  Check out all the other celebrations HERE

Thanks for checking in for week 3 of my daughter's limb lengthening journey!  Here are thing things we're celebrating this week!

Celebration #1:  SWIMMING!
My daughter would absolutely tell you, hands down, the best thing this week was getting back into the pool.  Her incision sites have closed, and she's allowed to submerge!  She's gotten into the community pool that is (literally) across the street from us.  She's played and splashed and swam and it's been great!  She has her independence back when she's in the water and I know that's a good feeling for her.  Up next:  back to swim team practice!

Celebration #2:  getting wiser
When kids go through limb lengthening, they tend to lose range of motion in the knee.  With everything in the leg stretching and growing longer, muscles don't want to bend as much.  The hour of PT is all spent on getting the knee ready to bend.  The last few minutes of PT is by far, the hardest part of a limb lengthening patient's day.  That's when they have to do the "big bends".  Typically they are done lying on the stomach with the therapist bending the patient's knee.  My daughter was born with limited range of motion in her knee, so the most she bends is about 90 degrees.  Most of us can easily lie on our stomach and bend at the knee.  For my daughter, this is very difficult.  She has had 2 other limb lengthening surgeries.  Doing the big bends were torture.  As always, she still has to so them in this round of lengthening.  But earlier this week she said to me, "bends aren't as bad in this type of fixator."  Having that mentality is HUGE!  She is willing to put up the 30 seconds of torture for 5 bends, 3x/day.  She breathes through them, watches the stopwatch on my phone, even helps push through them instead of fighting them.  What a difference that bit of knowledge has been.

Celebration #3:  local fauna
One of the things I love about being in Florida is the local fauna.  Obviously Florida has a different climate than Illinois and therefore has some different flowers and greenery.  I love seeing the new plants outside!

Celebration #4:  Rocco's Tacos
We went to our first Taco Tuesday at Rocco's this week!  Rocco's is a great Mexican restaurant in Florida.  I like their spicy chips and the table side guacamole is the best I've had.  Love their shrimp tacos!

Celebration #5:  NO medicines!
Knock on wood, right now K is medicine free!  She took her last round of antibiotics this week and she's done with her pain meds.  Positive thoughts that she stays this way!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. What amazing celebrations!! The swimming looks wonderful and I'm so glad things are moving along for you and your daughter! YAY!!!

  2. So happy for ALL your celebrations, Michele. That swimming time must be just wonderful for your daughter. As for the knee bends, I understand a little. My 'grown' daughter broke her leg skiing about 7 weeks ago, a brace, no cast, & now during therapy the challenge is to straighten the leg, & that's similar to what I'm hearing you say, the pain is not easy, she says. Best wishes to your daughter in that challenge! Love your description of Rocco's. Maybe we'll find on when we get to the beach this year! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Positive thoughts come your way Michele. I know the type of torture your daughter is going through. When I had total knee replacement, the bends are excruciating but the end result makes it worthwhile. I applaud your young daughter's fortitude and positive attitude. Congratulations on a successful surgery.

  4. I'm so happy for you and your daughter. I know this is a very tough process and am glad that things are going well. Your daughter is such a strong person to go through this with grace and such perseverance. Let her know she has fans and we are cheering her on. :)

  5. Michele, somehow I missed week 1 and 2. Had to go back and read them this morning. So happy to read of continued progress! She's back in the water! Love her pics and those happy smiles. As for you, I was happy to read that you'd found the library and a bookstore - definitely the important things!

  6. There's something about water that has so many positive healing effects. I wish I could go swimming this summer. Many more celebrations for you and yours!

  7. You and your daughter are heroes. Sending prayers for continued progress in her road to recovery.

  8. How wonderful that your daughter is swimming again - BIG celebration!

  9. So many great celebrations. I'm glad you took the time to collect them. I'm inspired by your perseverance and joy. Thanks for sharing with us.