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Spotlight Friday - transitional chapter books, part 1 - 7.01.16

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Last month I turned the spotlight on books and series that are perfect for readers who are starting their reading journey.  Books that rely on sight words, accessible text and decodable print.  After progressing through these books and longer picture books, kids are ready for longer text.  However, there is a big jump from picture books to middle grade novels.  That is where transitional chapter books come into play.  They make the perfect bridge between the two.  But finding a good transitional chapter book can be tricky.  Some readers who need them are younger readers.  They are ready for longer books, but don't have the stamina to read middle grade just yet.  These kids need books that appeal to younger grades, and don't have content that is too over their head.  Whereas other readers who need a transitional chapter book are those who struggle with reading.  Kids who are still trying to fit all the reading pieces together.  Middle grade books are often too challenging, too daunting, and they get turned off from reading all together.  These readers are looking for a transitional chapter book that is smart, isn't going to appear for very young readers, have good story lines and fun characters.  

This week I'll be spotlighting some titles and series that would be perfect for Kg-3rd graders.  Some of the series are new, some have been out for a little while.  Many of them are great for read alouds (I'm looking at you, Dory Fantasmagory!).  The great thing about series is you can read aloud the first book, which helps students get to know the characters, setting, and typical problems, so the next books become more predictable.  It helps create success for students to continue reading the books on their own.  Here are some of my favorites:

The Big Move (Commander in Cheese, #1)
Commander in Cheese series
by Lindsey Leavitt

Backyard Witch #1: Sadie's Story
Backyard Witch series
by Christine Heppermann

Dory Dory Black Sheep
Dory Fantasmagory series:  new book this fall Dory Dory Black Sheep
by Abby Hanlon

The Case of the Missing Tiger's Eye (Rider Woofson Book 1)
Rider Woofson series
by Walker Styles

Captain Awesome to the Rescue!
Captain Awesome series 
by Stan Kirby

The Dino Files #1: A Mysterious Egg
The Dino Files series 
by Stacy McAnulty

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree
Piper Green series 
by Ellen Potter

Puppy Pirates #4: Sea Sick
Puppy Pirates series
by Erin Soderberg

Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon (Tales from Deckawoo Drive #2)
Mercy Watson and Tales From Deckawoo Drive series
by Kate DiCamillo

Come back in 2 weeks to see some books that are perfect for 1st-4th graders!

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