Thursday, September 29, 2016

Round Up of new Young Adult, Realistic Fiction 9.29.16

A round up of some amazing new Young Adult books!  

I read young adult sparingly.  Since I don't use it in my teaching or with the educators I work with, I don't always make the time for it.  But every so often I hear about a book.  Or it's an author I enjoy.  Or it comes highly recommended by someone I know.

The way I look at it, although I don't use young adult books in my teaching, the students at my school do grow up.  And they do come back and visit, when their younger siblings are at school, on special community days.  It's nice to continue book conversations with them, just on a different level.

Here are some newer young adult titles that fall in the realistic fiction genre.  All of these books touched me in some way or another.  All of them were windows into other people's lives, that while different from mine, gave me a new appreciation, or made me think about something a little differently.  Click on the title to find my review.

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful
by Eric Lindstrom

Holding Up the Universe
by Jennifer Niven

Girl in Pieces
by Kathleen Glasgow

The Loose Ends List
by Carrie Firestone

The Memory of Things
by Gae Polisner

What are some of your favorite and new realistic fiction young adult reads you've come across lately?

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