Monday, February 19, 2018

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 2.19.18

This weekly post comes from Jen at Teach Mentor Texts
 and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers.  
It's a great source to find new books to use with your students.

I am so jealous of everyone who is on a February/Winter Break right now!  I'm happy to have an extra day this weekend with President's Day, but it's not a full week off.  I guess I'll just have to be happy being out of school in early June!  Hoping to get some extra reading done this weekend!

Last Week's Adventures

Have you seen this new biography about Lewis Carroll?  It's going to be a hit with readers!

A wrap up of our Mock Geisel unit!  If you've ever wondered about doing a Mock unit, take a look at this post!

A roundup of new books about kindness.

Picture Books

Noodleheads See the Future
Noodleheads See the Future
by Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss
I'm trying to catch up on titles that won awards that I had not read.
This is one of the books I knew about but I had not read.
It's the kind of humor that young readers are going to laugh - silly enough to cause giggles from them, but perhaps not from the adults who are reading it.  In other words, perfect for young readers!  
I like that the chapters build upon each other to help young readers learn how to track a plot line over the course of a longer book.
I'm going to add it to my collection since I know it will be checked out frequently.  

Nobody's Duck
Nobody's Duck
by Mary Sullivan
Sullivan's 2017 book Frankie won our school's Mock Geisel, so I knew I needed to check out this book.  Predictable, yet fun, Duck finds a friend who brings Duck everywhere to see where Duck belongs.  The great turn of events happens at the end of the story!

Grace for Gus
Grace for Gus
by Harry Bliss
In this almost wordless early graphic novel, we meet young Grace, who seems to be quiet and perhaps in need of a friend.  She has bonded with the class guinea pig, Gus.  The class is trying to save up money to buy Gus a buddy.  Grace sneaks out of the house at night to do a variety of street jobs (play her violin, draw caricatures, dance on a subway) to make money to donate to the class fund.  
I enjoyed spotting the many cameos (minus one major one) and other hidden items within the graphic novel frames.  While young readers won't catch many of them, they will be lost within the story to care too much!

What Do You Do With a Chance?
What Do You Do With a Chance?
written by Kobi Yamada
illustrated by Mae Besom
I am pretty sure this is my favorite book in the "What Do You Do" series.  I think there is a lot you can talk about with young readers - older readers will understand the metaphor and have some personal schema to add to the conversation.  For young readers, it may be a new idea, one that will get them thinking about taking chances and trying new things!  
This is a must have for libraries!

A Couch for Llama
A Couch for Llama
by Leah Gilbert 
This is one of those books that will probably be more fun to read out loud to young readers than reading it to yourself.
A family is ready for a new couch, and on the way home from the store, the new couch, that is on top of their Volkswagen Beetle, comes undone from the ties and slips off into a field where a llama lives.  The llama falls in love with the coach before the family comes to get it.
I think there will be giggles when reading it out loud.  I'll have to try this with a few audiences later this week!

Middle Grade

The Serpent's Secret (Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond, #1)
The Serpent's Secret
by Sayantani DasGupta
Oh, I love this middle grade book and I'm so excited that it will be a series.  Another book about Indian mythology (also look for Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi) that is witty, laugh out loud funny and action packed.  I didn't want to put it down and know kids are going to love meeting Kiran.  I enjoyed learning about different mythology tales and characters.  This is a series I'll be returning to again and again.  
Although this book doesn't publish until Feb. 27th, it is available on Scholastic and I was able to pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble this past weekend!
Middle grade teachers and librarians, make sure you have copies of this one for your libraries!

Black Panther: The Young Prince
Black Panther: The Young Prince
by Ronald L. Smith
I flew through this book - not only because it is so good, but also because I wanted it read before I saw the movie this weekend!  Both are definitely worth your time!  
This Marvel character is definitely new to me - I am not as well read in regards to these characters and movies.  I need to change that!  I am glad this Marvel-Disney book leans toward middle grade - I am excited to share this with readers.

Currently Reading

In Sight of Stars
In Sight of Stars
by Gae Polisner
I love Gae's writing and I've heard some great things about this one.  I'm in the early stages of the book but I'm already drawn into the writing!

Looking forward to some President's Day reading today!


  1. I have In Sight of Stars, will read soon! I almost shared What Do You Do With A Chance? today. I agree, so good! Am on the library 'long' list for The Serpent's Secret. You've made me want to read it now! Thanks, Michele. Enjoy your day!

  2. Everyone who reads The Serpent's Secret writes such good stuff about it that I am going to have to make a special effort to find a copy. Hopefully my local library will have it on order soon.
    I will definitely be looking for In Sight of Stars because I am also a fan of Gae Polisner's work.

  3. The Serpent's Secret looks very interesting -- you've made me want to read it NOW. And thanks also for the recommendation for Aru Shah and the End of Time. I'm going to go add these to my TBR list! I also need to get my hands on Black Panther: The Young Prince for my two older kiddos (who are seeing the movie). Have a great reading week!

  4. I just bought a copy of The Serpent's Secret at our Scholastic Book Fair last week! Looking forward to reading and sharing with students!

  5. So many good books!! Where to even start?? I'll just say - some I've read and loved, and others I have yet to read and can't wait to find. :-)

  6. I thought A Couch for Llama was adorable! I’m really looking forward to reading What Do You Do With a Chance. I loved the first two books the author wrote. Have a great week!

  7. Serpent's Secret is so good! Humor and adventure is a great combination. I've never read The Noodleheads, but probably should since it sounds like it will appeal to kids.

  8. I'm really excited by What Do You Do With A chance - I booktalked the first two books in the series during my professional development workshops with teachers and librarians, I am hoping it is as great as the first two! :)