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#road2reading Challenge - some new and some familiar friends - 1.16.2020

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This week I'm sharing some new additions to a favorite series and introducing a new to me series!

January has brought us four new Yasmin books.  I adore the Yasmin stories.  They have have helped fill a much needed hole.  I'm always looking for books to give those young readers who are wanting to read chapter books - just the beginning kind of chapter books - but they still need supports from illustrations and predictable storylines and decodable text.  Think about readers who are ready to read Henry and Mudge books.  While those are still fun to read, I find today's readers are looking for a more updates series.  Yasmin books are perfect for these readers.  They each have three chapters.  There is one big problem for Yasmin to solve and the problems are very kid-friendly/realistic problems.  I love that there is backmatter with conversation starters, an introduction to some of the Urdu words used within the story, information that connects American readers to the subject and Pakistan (Yasmin's culture), and a maker idea that ties into the storyline.
Plus, Hatem Aly's illustrations... I always find his work so appealing to kids!

Here is a little bit more about the newest books:

Yasmin the Friend by Saadia Faruqi
Yasmin the Friend
Yasmin is having a playdate with her friends but they each have a different idea of what to play.  How can Yasmin get everyone playing together?

Yasmin the Soccer Star by Saadia Faruqi
Yasmin the Soccer Star
Yasmin is new to soccer but it looks like her other friends have been playing it for awhile.  Rather than keep her on the sidelines, Coach knows just where to have Yasmin play!

Yasmin the Gardener by Saadia Faruqi
Yasmin the Gardner
Yasmin has to problem solve to help her newly planted flowers bloom and grow.

Yasmin the Writer by Saadia Faruqi
Yasmin the Writer
Uh-oh, Yasmin has writer's block!  Yasmin has to write about her hero and she is having trouble thinking of a person who is her own hero.  Maybe she's looking too far away!

Not too long ago I was introduced to the Ana and Andrew series from someone on Twitter.  It looked like it would fit the Yasmin readers so I knew I needed to check it out!
Happy to say that this is a series that is definitely needed and one I highly recommend.  Just a bit more complex than Yasmin in terms of length, it also has similar scaffolds such as having illustrations on every page and decodable text.  This series has four chapters in each book, so it's starting to stretch stamina for the Yasmin readers.  Sometimes the setting is familiar (at their house/school in Washington D.C., but sometimes the reader is introduced to a new location such as when the kids visit their grandparents in Savannah, Georgia, or when they visit family in Trinidad!  Even Washington D.C. sites like the National Museum of African American History and Culture are explored.
With bright illustrations from Sharon Sordo, this series will appeal to readers visual sense!
I really enjoyed these first four books and was excited to see there are four more already published.  I immediately ordered them - can't wait to have more of these books for readers!

A Snowy Day by Christine  Platt
A Snowy Day
The siblings get their wish for a snowy day.  Each enjoys something a little different and have stories to share when they come back for the best tradition - hot chocolate!

A Day at the Museum by Christine Platt
A Day at the Museum
Ana and Andrew explore the most recent museum in the Smithsonian collection!

Summer in Savannah by Christine  Platt
Summer in Savannah
Ana and Andrew learn more about African American history when they visit their grandparents in Georgia.

Dancing at Carnival by Christine  Platt
Dancing at Carnival
The kids visit family in Trinidad and get to celebrate Carnival!

I'm so happy these series exist.  So many great books for readers who are looking to grow their stamina and independence.

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