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#road2reading - new chapter books - 4.23.2020

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools
that you may use with readers 
at the start of their independent reading journey.
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One of the reasons I keep writing the #road2reading posts is because I hope it's helpful for teachers, librarians, and parents to find books for kids who want something more than a picture book.  They want a chapter book.  But they can't stick with those longer books just yet.  We want these kids continuing their reading journey so I hope these posts help those adults who can get these books into the kids hands.

The books I'm featuring today would fit readers in a first-third grade reading range.  Could go older or younger depending on the reader.  All of these books have chapters but are under 100 pages.  

The Shark Report #1 by Derek Anderson
Benny McGee and the Shark: The Shark Report
by Derek Anderson
Benny McGee does not like to go swimming in the sea.  You know... sharks.  But of course, one day after being at the beach, guess what follows him home?  After a while Benny realizes that the shark, Mr. Chompers, might be a great asset to bring to school to help him deliver his shark report!
Anderson cleverly sprinkles some shark facts as the story occurs.
Look for the next book in the series later this summer!

The Best Friend Plan by Stephanie Calmenson
The Adventures of Allie and Amy: The Best Friend Plan
written by Stephanie Calmenson and Joanna Cole
illustrated by James Burks
Best friends Allie and Amy have their summer plan ready to go.  But then Allie finds out she got into a summer-long camp!  How will they get all of their summer plans done when she leave for camp in a day?
Cute best friends story, also with a sequel publishing this summer.

A Is for Elizabeth by Rachel Vail     Big Mouth Elizabeth by Rachel Vail
A is for El!zabeth and Big Mouth El!zabeth
written by Rachel Vail
illustrated by Paige Keiser
You might have met Elizabeth through her older brother's series - Justin Case.  Now Elizabeth gets to steal the show and she does get the attention in these books!  I'm a huge fan of hers - she's feisty and funny, a true blue friend, and is always learning something new!
In the first book of the series we meet Elizabeth and her bff, Bucky, as well as her non-bff, Anna.  Elizabeth and Anna do not see eye to eye over many topics, including alphabetical order.
In the second book (my favorite one so far), clubs are formed in second grade based on who has lost teeth.  Elizabeth, of course, has not lost any teeth and she is therefore lumped together with Babyish Cali.  Elizabeth learns in this book, that clubs that exclude people are no fun, and putting descriptors in front of names is not ok.
Readers who enjoy Junie B. Jones and Horrible Harry books will enjoy meeting Elizabeth.
Things that I love about this series:
- the ridiculously short chapters (maybe 3 pages long).  Kids are going to love saying they are on chapter 45 :)
- Elizabeth's spunk - did you notice from the title how she likes to spell her name with an exclamation point?? (or as she says - exPLAnation point)
- she's hilarious, you'll be laughing out loud
- kids who fall in love with Elizabeth, will graduate to her brother's books, more books to love!
- and I'm ready for the next two books which publish on May 5th
Can't wait to introduce readers to this series!

Happy chapter book reading!

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