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Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday - Feeling Political! 10.21.2020

Wednesdays I join Alyson Beecher from kidlitfrenzy and other
#kidlit bloggers to share wonderful nonfiction picture books.
The intention of today's blog post is to give professionals that work in the
education field new nonfiction reading material and ideas to use 
with students to promote a love of reading nonfiction materials. 

'Tis the season to feel a little political.  

The Next President by Kate Messner
The Next President: The Unexpected Beginnings and Unwritten Future of America's Presidents
written by Kate Messner
illustrated by Adam Rex
Have you ever stopped and wondered how many future presidents are alive right now?  It's interesting to think about and wonder what connections they may have with the current president and each other.
This book explores some of those past connections.  What were our future presidents doing when someone else took office?  
This kind of inquiry will be fascinating for young readers to learn about and I'm guessing it may even get some of them thinking!

Mayor Pete by Rob    Sanders
Mayor Pete: The Story of Pete Buttigieg
written by Rob Sanders
illustrated by Levi Hastings
An important book to know because I'm thinking we have not heard the last of Mayor Pete.  
This picture book biography chronicles the life of Pete Buttigieg, from a young boy in South Bend, IN, to his high school years when he found the desire to serve by running for school treasurer then senior class president.  He found wins and losses, but definitely found his desire to serve the public.  This continued through college and after, until finally becoming Mayor of South Bend.
Mayor Pete is also known as being the first openly gay man to run for president.  There is a lovely part about his marriage to Chasten Glezman Buttigieg and the acceptance of the South Bend community.
I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Mayor Pete!

Shirley Chisholm is a Verb! by Veronica Chambers
Shirley Chisholm is a Verb!
written by Veronica Chambers
illustrated by Rachelle Baker
I'm so glad to have read this book because I really did not know much about Shirley Chisholm.  What a force she was - I can only imagine if she was in public service today!  I thought it was so interesting to learn about all of the organizations Chisholm had a hand in starting (Head Start, school lunch program, Congressional Black Caucus).
I liked how the author used verbs to describe Chisholm and all that she did.  It would be very interesting to go back and collect the verbs and analyze them more before rereading the book.
This book did make me want to find more information.  Some of the information I wish had been included in the book, if even in a timeline at the end of the book.

Jefferson Measures a Moose by Mara Rockliff
Jefferson Measures a Moose
written by Mara Rockliff
illustrated by S.D. Schindler
Put this in your strange facts from history section.
Apparently Thomas Jefferson got into a numbers match with a Frenchman named, Buffon.  Buffon claimed that America was full of small, voiceless animals, and the weather was dismal.  Jefferson took offense to this and took all kinds of measurements of animals to call his bluff.  Buffon was not impressed so Jefferson sent a moose to prove his point.  It didn't end well, for the moose or Buffon, but Jefferson became well known in America for his knowledge of numbers.
This book was written by Mara Rockliff, which means you are going to get a lot of important backmatter, that is as interesting as the story, itself!  Make sure you find time to read that part, as well.

Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice
Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice
written by Nikki Grimes
illustrated by Laura Freeman
Focusing on Harris' youth and rise in government, this book was published before she was selected as the Vice President candidate, which I think is ultimately a good thing because it leaves her future to be told in another story!  What is important for young readers to hear is her story of being raised by immigrant parents who believed in the power of voice.  And another book that features a woman in politics.  The stereotype of our country being run by old, white men is one that needs to have a new face for the future.  Kamala Harris' story is one that should be shared to our future voters so they know not every face in politics has to look the same.

November 3rd.  It will be here before you know it.  Make a plan and vote.

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  1. The Next President was a fun & fascinating read. I'm really looking forward to the Chisholm book. She was so ahead of her time!