Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday - text set for water cycle - 3.17.21

A nonfiction picture book text set for the water cycle!

Drop by Emily Kate Moon
Drop: An Adventure Through the Water Cycle
by Emily Kate Moon
Take a ride with Drop as we see her move through the three states of water in  the water cycle.  Young readers will see how water is moved around our planet and exist in its many forms.  Also shown is how different each state can look.  For example, with water - Drop may be found in different bodies of water like an ocean or a river, or even under ground or inside a plant.  
The endpages show the water cycle and how water can move in and out and reverse through the different stages.
Author/illustrator, Emily Kate Moon used India ink and actual water from a dropper to create some of the water scenes in the book.  Giving the book texture and a liquid-like feel, readers will enjoy seeing how Drop moves and flows on each page!

When Cloud Became a Cloud
When Cloud Became a Cloud
by Rob Hodgson
I like the organization of this one - it's split up into chapters that gives a quick explanation of the many stages the water cycle goes through.  From droplets in a lake, to being a cloud, to being precipitation, all of the stages are given a quick explanation in one of the 9 chapters.  There is even a chapter dedicated to rainbows!  With the different sections, young readers will help get a visual on the different stages.

More water cycle stories:
Water Can Be... by Laura Purdie Salas
Water is Water by Miranda Paul
Ice Boy  by David Ezra Stein
Hey, Water! by Antoinette Portis
The Three Water Drop Brothers by Lee Eun-Lee (publishes March 23)

As always, happy nonfiction reading!

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