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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer series - books for foodies! - 8.26.21

You've made it to the final Chapter Book Summer series post!  I hope you have found these posts to be helpful and you've found loads of chapter books for your readers this fall.
Today's focus is on food!  Maybe you should introduce these books after lunchtime!

Lunch Will Never Be the Same! #1  Farm Fresh Fun #2  A Passport to Pastries! #3  Cooking Club Chaos! #4
Phoebe G. Green series
written by Veera Hiranandani
illustrated by Christine Almeda
A series for young foodies!  In the first book, Phoebe can't help but drool at the foods her new friend Camille, who happens to be from France, brings to school.  Chickpeas, goat cheese, and... duck!  She makes it her mission to be invited over to Camille's house to try even more delicious food!
Each book in the series has something to do with food and it also shows the characters (third graders) going through some pretty typical problems that other readers will be able to connect with.  Whether it's friendship or telling the truth, readers will see themselves within the pages of the book... even if they haven't tried the fancy food!
Illustrations are featured throughout the chapters and the books are a trim size, coming in at just over 100 pages.  I have so many books about foodies and bakers and cooking, but this is the first chapter book series for these young gourmet readers!
for read aloud: grades 1-2
for independent reading: grades 2-3

Aven Green Baking Machine by Dusti Bowling
Aven Green Baking Machine
written by Dusti Bowling
illustrated by Gina Perry
This is the second Aven book this month and the second "Green" series of this post!  I just love her - she is such a real character!  I love her sassiness.  I love the way she says what she thinks.  I love the way she makes mistakes and learns from them.  
Aven has given up her detecting and switched to baking.  She is determined to win the baking competition at the county fair and she going to enter it with her three best friends.  They each decide to bake something and then choose one of the recipes for their entry.  But Aven won't keep her mind open to selecting anyone else's choice, just hers.  And she doesn't understand when not everyone agrees.  Her opinions continue to turn people away when she even upsets a classmate at recess over baking ideas.  But with some great advice from great-grandma, Aven learns to keep her mind open and be ok with trying some new experiences.
I love Gina Perry's illustrations and I know they will help give readers images that will support their understanding.  Quick chapters will keep readers turning the pages!
for read aloud:  grades 2-3
for independent reading: grades 2-4

Want to win a copy of Aven Green Baking Machine?  Sterling Publishing has generously donated a copy for giveaway (open to US and Canada residents)!  Winner will be selected on September 2nd.

I hope you've been able to follow along on this Chapter Book Summer!  If you have missed any posts click here to find a roundup of them!  Throughout the year I post books similar to this and for even younger readers.  Follow along with the hashtag #road2reading.  

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