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A roundup of new chapter books - 11.15.22

One of my favorite type of books to find are chapter books.  These are books that are a necessary bridge for readers who are going up the reading ladder from picture books and early chapter books (think Henry and Mudge and Frog and Toad) and before they continue up the ladder to middle grade novels.  Here are some newer books and series you may want to check out!

   The New Friend Fix   Off-Key
Catalina Incognito series
written by Jennifer Torres
illustrated by Gladys Jose
This magical realism series is so fun!  Meet Catalina, she's a perfectionist and always has some ideas in her head.  For her eighth birthday, she receives an old sewing kit from her tia abuela.  She had been hoping for something else, but when she finds out it's a magical sewing kit, Catalina gets some great new ideas!   

Witches of Peculiar series
 written by Luna Graves
Meet twins Bella and Dee.  These sixth graders have finally come into their witch powers over the summer, and now they're thrilled to be invited to YIKESSS (Yvette I. Koffin's Exceptional School for Supernatural Students).  They'll finally fit in, but when their magical proves to be a little difficult to control, will they be able to stay at the school?  Will the other students accept them?  Not scary, but perfect for readers who are ready for all things Halloween!

   The Lurking Lima Bean   The Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider   
Night Frights series
written by Joe McGee
illustrated by Ted Skaffa
In the town of Wolver Holler, there's always something just a little spooky and strange happening.  Each book in the series focuses on a different child living in the town and the spooky event that happens to them.  These stories definitely have a little bit of a scare to them compared to the Witches of Peculiar books.  I know there will be some readers that are happy to get a good scare in!

Alley and Rex 
written by Joel Ross
illustrated by Nicole Miles
Meet Alley.  He's really good at extreme schooling - meaning all of the rules of a traditional school are a bit of a challenge.  Meet Rex.  He's pretty much the opposite of Alley.  Unlikely friends, yes.  Good partners, possibly!  I like this series because the kids are in sixth grade, which means it's a very short read (135 pgs) for those older readers who are looking for something short.

Elf Academy series
written by Alan Katz
illustrated by Sernur Isik
Meet Andy, an elf in Santa's Workshop.  To me, he's a cross between Buddy the Elf and Hermie the Elf (you know, the misfit elf from Rudolph).  He has a heart of gold but always wants to do something a little different!

Life in the Doghouse series
written by Crystal Velasquez
illustrated by Laura Catrinella
Inspired by Danny Robertshaw's and Ron Danta's real life rescue (and subject of the documentary Life in the Doghouse, each book focuses on a different dog that is at the rescue home.  The stories follow the dogs as they try and fit in with their adopted families.  The stories are narrated by the dog so the readers know the dogs' thoughts and feelings.  Perfect for all of our dog lovers!

   Super Spinach   
Adventures in Fosterland series
written by Hannah Shaw
illustrated by Bev Johnson
Another foster story, this one features cats, kittens, and other animals!  A perfect companion to the dog-loving series above!

The Astronomically Grand Plan      Hydroponic Hijinks
Astrid the Astronaut series
written by Rie Neal
illustrated by Talitha Shipman
A STEM series with a female lead, yay!  Astrid loves all things to do with space and can't wait for her chance to learn and explore more.  But first she has to put her hearing aids in to help her hear better throughout her day.  Love that hearing aids are a part of the story, and not the focus.  Astrid is part of the Shooting Stars club at school and gets the opportunity to learn more about all things space.  Each book has a storyline with that but also focuses on friendship and getting along with others.

Audrey L and Audrey W series
written by Carter Higgins
illustrated by Jennifer K Mann
A series about friendship, identity, and last name initials!  Audrey has always figured out a way to notice things and notice what is great about everyone.  She knows she's the best Audrey in her class... until another Audrey moves in.  Now she's Audrey L, someone who needs an initial to stand out.  Surely she won't be friends with this new Audrey?

J.D.  series
written by J. Dillard
illustrated by Akeem S. Roberts
I love this series about all things hair!  Celebrating all things Black hair, this series is sure to give some new styling ideas, and maybe inspire a new entrepreneur!  

Miles Lewis series
written by Kelly Starling Lyons
illustrated by Wayne Spencer
I hope by now you are familiar with author Kelly Starling Lyons' Jada Jones series.  Now she gives us Jada's friend (so yes, we do see more of Jada), Miles Lewis.  Miles goes to the same school as Jada and his thing is science (probably why they are friends).  So whenever something comes up where he gets to put his science brain to the test, Miles is there.  Whether it's ice skating (physics) or the science fair, Miles is ready for a little competition.  With his family and friends always there to help him, or pick him up when things haven't gone his way, Miles is a friend all readers will want to meet.  Love seeing a young, Black boy represented in this chapter book series!

Are you making lists for books you hope to receive?  Make sure these series make the list - your readers will thank you!

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