Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Just a Worm - review 3.14.23

As I look outside my snowy window, it certainly does not feel like spring, but the calendar says it's coming.  And it is meteorological spring... or so they say!  In no time at all, we'll be marveling at all the spring buds, and even the bugs, that are popping out to say hello!  In the meantime, curl up and share this spring-y book!

Just a Worm
by Marie Boyd
published by Greenwillow Books

Celebrating the insect and animal life, this book takes the word "just" right out of the animals' vocabulary!  Each page spotlights another creepy crawly and the wonderful things that they can do.  A spider spins a silky web to catch its dinner.  A butterfly has bright colors that warn predators it tastes badly.  A dragonfly eats insects like mosquitos.  When worm hears all of these amazing things the other creepy crawlies can do, it starts to feel bad and thinks it's "just a worm".  But once it takes some time to think about all the things it does, it has the wonderful realization it CAN do some amazing things.  Like help grow all the plants by creating holes in the soil.  And it feeds plants.  And it wiggles, digs, and crawls.  Which are all some pretty amazing things!

This is a must have book when talking about earth science and how the animal world helps the Earth.  With the back and forth conversations between a worm and other animals, young readers get a sense of the many things all creatures do to help their world.

This book is a perfect spring read!  Celebrating growing, new beginnings, and all Earth-y things, it's a book that I plan on reading with students every spring.  Featuring paper quilling artwork, the illustrations have texture that seem to pop off the page.

I know this is a book you'll want to share with young readers!  Courtesy of Greenwillow Books, I have a copy available for giveaway (US only).  Be sure to enter by March 21st!

Happy *spring* reading!

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