Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SoL I Knew I Was a Book Nerd When... 4.29.14

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All of us Nerdies know we're Book Nerds.  We're proud of it, and we'll tell everyone!  You'll hear us frequently ask each other "what are you reading?" and "oh, I have to put that on my TBR pile" and "what did you think about that part?"

But there are a few moments in my reading life that when I look back on them, prove I am a Book Nerd...

- When I was a kid, I didn't only read books, I played with them.  Sometimes it was when I played "school".  Sometimes I played "library".  Sometimes my sister and I played this boarding school game that had something to do with a book called "Ghost Host".  It was a library book and not one I still have but I remember it played prominently in this game.

- Books always went on vacation with me.  I remember bringing them to Texas and New Mexico in 3rd grade.  I remember bringing them to Arizona in 8th grade.  I've always had to make room in my suitcase for books.  And unlike the clothes I pack, I usually read all the books!

- I don't only own books, I horde books.  I may have a bigger TBR pile than books read pile.  I can't help it.  I have no self-control when it comes to being in a bookstore.

- I had to be on bed rest when I was pregnant with my daughter.  2 1/2 months long bed rest.  I barely watched TV.  But I read over 60 books.  Back then I hadn't rediscovered my love for children's literature.  I was reading some young adult books, but most of those books were full-length adult books.  I also didn't miss a single White Sox game during that time.  World Champions that year.  Just sayin'.  

- But I think the biggest way I have always known I was a Book Nerd was when I could finally admit to the fact that I'm a book sniffer.  Yup.  Totally addicted to certain smelling books.  I love the smell when you walk into a bookstore.  I love the smell of some old library books.  But the best smell comes from certain books.  It's usually a paperback.  I sniff pretty much every book I read.  At least once.  It's a habit.  I'll admit to it.  Hi.  My name is Michele.  I'm a book sniffer.

So, what was your moment?  The one where you knew you were a Book Nerd?


  1. Sorry to say, I am all of those things, and cannot understand at all why everyone else isn't that way, too, especially teacher colleagues! Love hearing about the sniffing. I do some, Michele, but mostly love that musty smell of old books-takes me back to my grandparents! Love this post!

  2. Great post! I wonder how many kids in this generation will get to experience that? Kindles and such have taken away the old fashioned book. I have a Kindle, but do not use it on the beach. There is something magnificent about HOLDING a book and reading it on the beach!

  3. Books were my go to entertainment as a kid. Of course that was long before video games. Book orders were my favorite part of school. How I poured over that form to carefully choose just the right book. I still have some, they were twenty-five cents and I had to beg for them. However, I can't say I've ever been a book sniffer, more of a fondler. I love the feel of the paper. :-)

  4. I can so relate so much of what you have written! I can't say that I remember when I knew I was a book nerd. So many memories of reading from childhood...up to now! I don't remember a time when I have't read and I can't imagine my life without it! Great post!

  5. I could have written this! I have way too many books - and I keep buying more! I'm even winning them through Goodreads. But I am reading through the TBR piles and hopefully in another 50 years I'll be through them!