Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SoL What's in Your Wallet? 4.08.14

Slice of Life is a weekly event hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

What's in your wallet?  It's not a Capital One credit card if that's what you're thinking.  But, that little advertising slogan does make you think.  Because as I found out one morning, what's in your wallet is important and says a lot about you.

I have a daily routine that I follow pretty much every Monday-Friday morning.  I wake up at the crack of dawn, go through emails, twitter, weather info and then leave the house for the day.  I first go to the gym for a workout.  I get ready for the day there then head to school.  As I leave the gym, I put my cell phone in one coat pocket and my mini-wallet in the other.  But before I get to school, I first stop at my local Starbucks.  

Picture this scene:  it's a morning in January in the Chicago suburbs (of course, remember it's this winter which means it's about 50 below...), snow on the ground which means semi-permanent slush on the ground.  I'm walking into Starbucks, and the way this one is designed, you park far out from the store and I have to pass through a lane of cars to get to the street to cross to get to the store (really, this has a place in the story).  In my pockets are my gloves, aforementioned phone and mini-wallet and car keys.  Because of the nasty freezing weather, I'm frantically putting my gloves on for this little excursion.  Fast forward a little, I have my coffee, I'm back in the car and I've pulled away.  Now I continue with my routine and get my mini-wallet out of my pocket to put back in my purse.  And it's gone....


Turn around, park again and start to retrace my steps.  This could be a long morning.  Going through my mind is I'll have to call my school and let them know I'll be late.  I mentally retrace my steps wondering at what point did I lose it.  Was it in the parking lot - it is a walk to the store... Maybe in Starbucks... Maybe in the gym parking lot... Maybe somewhere between the gym parking lot and the locker room...  Maybe in the locker room...  Luckily, I don't have to go far.  I find it tucked under another car waiting for me to get it.  It must have fallen out of my pocket when I took my gloves out of the pocket.  Or maybe when I pulled my keys out of the pocket.  (please note since this incident I put my wallet in my purse as soon as I get back into my car upon leaving the gym) Wipe the slush off, run back to my car and start to school again.

I get to school and tell the story to a colleague.  We somehow get on the subject of the fact it's my mini-wallet - kind of like my ID holder.  While I would never want to lose my real wallet, this is the one I use on an everyday basis.  She asked why it's so important.  I let her know I keep the things I use all the time in it.  My drivers license and insurance card.  My gym card.  My library card.

At that point, my colleague paused, looked at me, and said, "That's very interesting."  I asked why, it seemed so common.  She said, "I think that's very telling that among the things you feel are so important is your gym ID and your library card."

That made me think.  I guess not everyone would count those things as being important.  But to me, those are the cards I use weekly, if not daily.  They are both completely worn out, you can't read most of the writing.  I think that's important to know about me.  I'm a gym card, library card carrying gal.

So, what's in your wallet?

* I am going to admit to this in very small print because I need to let this go.  This event happened this past January.  After, I thought, this would be a good Nerdy Book Club post.  I submitted the form on the website saying I would like to write an article.  No response.  There was a call for posts last month.  Submitted another response.  Heard nothing.  So, here's the article I wanted to write.  I still feel snubbed.  Especially since I really don't have any future posts that are as interesting as this one so even if I get the call I have nothing to write.  Oh well.  I'll move on.  Eventually ;)


  1. First, so happy you found it. I don't know what I'd do... Second, don't forget to copy everything in your wallet-advice I've seen in a number of places-makes it easier to call places to cancel cards! And third-interesting thought about what you've placed there. I just got one of those wallets that screen from people being able to read though one's handbag, etc. And in it I have the important credit cards, my debit card, & my library card. All the other 'stuff' is in a larger one. I don't have a gym card, just a key card for Curves. This was fun, Michelle, but especially because you found your wallet!

  2. Hey two weeks in a row! See you can write and I love this story. I love how you add your sense of humor...or should I say voice...to your story. That is actually a hard thing to do. I lost my real wallet once and it is scary and frustrating at the same time. My thief took the money and put it in a mailbox so I got it back but very frustrating time. BTW - don't give up on that other part! :)