Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 11.26.14

NF PB 2014

We know that a big part of the CCSS is to include more informational texts into ourstudents' reading.  I quickly discovered I had a "gap" in my reading diet - the genre of informational texts!  To help me fill the gap this year, I am going to participate in Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesdays!  This is a great link-up hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy.  Please visit this website to see other educator's link-ups.  My goal is to read at least one informational text each week and post information on the blog.  The more books and subjects I read, the more I can encourage (my #OLW for 2014) other teachers to use in their classroom! 

We are gearing up for our first NGSS unit in 1st grade, studying Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles.  This unit looks specifically at using observations of the sun, moon, stars and daylight to make predictions and look for patterns.
Maybe you are studying that or something similar.  Maybe you're looking at how seasons change.  
Here are some great books to add to that unit of study!

Light Is All Around Us
Light is All Around Us by Wendy Pfeffer

Secrets of the Seasons: Orbiting the Sun in Our Backyard
Secrets of the Seasons: Orbiting the Sun in Our Backyard by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Every Planet Has a Place
Every Planet Has a Place by Becky Baines

Flicker Flash
Flicker Flash by Joan Bransfield Graham

Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves by Loretta Holland

Autumn Across America
Autumn Across America by Seymour Simon (and other seasons in this series)

How Do You Know It's Winter?
How Do You Know It's Winter? by Ruth Owen (and other seasons in this series)

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  1. Great choices. I've read a few of them. I hope students appreciate all the way info can be shared. They can be done creatively too like Fall Leaves.