Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SoLSC Those Nerdy posts got it right! 11.11.14


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I was very moved by the Nerdy posts the last two days.
Adam Shaffer wrote this post about why he reads kids books.  Wow.  I could relate.  Anybody that is a card-carrying member of NBC knows "the look" you get when you explain what you're reading.  Most people that know me are used to my habits.  It makes me sad when I talk to fellow educators and they express how they don't have time for reading.  I wish I could explain the joy it brings me when I find "that" book.  You know, the one that sucks you in. The one that you want to talk about for days and days.  Adam also brings up in his post the topic of adult reads and kid lit.  I still read adult books.  Not nearly as often.  And rarely am I so engrossed in it do I not want to put it down.  Usually I'm thinking, that while it's good, it's taking too long to wrap up.  A good kid lit book is so sharp, so quick, so precise, you never feel that way.
Today, Jonathan Werner wrote here about having that teacher that makes you fall in love with reading.  You know how that is, have you ever heard Donalyn or Mr. Schu book talk a book?  You know how it immediately goes on your TBR list!  If only we all could be that way for our students.  Be so enthusiastic that you reach down into the heart of every student, and reach them where their book loving soul is... make them want that book!  As I've heard Donalyn point out many times, "they read what we bless."  We really need to bless more!
These posts really struck a chord with me.  Whether you read them the last few days or they are new, read them.  Soak the message in.  Then go teach.


  1. Yes - great posts which get to the the heart of loving reading and spreading that love.

  2. I've had the pleasure of "blessing" many books this week, & look forward to more, Michele. I agree. When teachers say they just can't read, I wonder how they can teach the love of reading. Love your post!

  3. YES, "...reach them where their book loving soul is... make them want that book!" Loved how you put this.