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#road2reading Challenge - the results are in! 1.24.17

All journeys have a starting place.
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Getting young readers excited about reading is a goal for many teachers and parents.  Having books in their hands that they are excited to read and excited they can read is even better.

Last week I shared with you a Mock Geisel update from our school.  On Friday, all of our kindergarten and first grade students voted on their favorites.  It was a hard choice for many! I had the opportunity to talk with many of the students before and after they voted.  In a day and age where so much is put on a teacher's plate...  When they've been asked to do so much and thanked so little...  When we really need to think about every experience we give these little minds, I know doing this - giving experiences to young readers to read and explore and talk about great books - is what we need to continue doing.

These young readers showed doing a Mock Geisel is important because:

  • As we waited for their classmates, they were talking to me about the books they had read.  They could name titles and characters - clearly the conversations their classroom teachers had had with them were important enough that these books stuck with them.  They were very excited to hear that 2017 has many of their favorite characters returning in more books!
  • I had conversations with readers who told me about finding these books at the local library.  A few of them were reading the books to their younger siblings.  It's so powerful for a young reader to know they can find these books and read them by themselves.
  • The books we choose to read to students are often complex picture books.  Books that may be daunting to pick up and read by themselves.  The books that are listed on Geisel lists are chosen because they are distinguished literature FOR beginning readers.  These books support our readers who are beginning their reading journey.  Teachers who have a Mock Geisel unit are making sure they expose their students to books that will support their reading.  They read the books, they allow students to have conversations about these books.
  • Part of my day is spent with students who receive reading interventions.  The last few weeks they have spent their book check out time scouring my books looking for current Mock Geisel books and books that have won the Geisel Award in the past.  They know these books have fun stories.  They know they can read these books.
A Mock Geisel is a powerful unit and one I hope teachers continue giving their young readers!

Now, onto our winners!  How did they compare to the winners the real Geisel Committee chose?

At our school we had a tie for the Mock Geisel Honor winners!

Snail and Worm: Three Stories About Two Friends
by Tina Kugler

We Are Growing!
by Laurie Keller

And we had a tie for our Geisel Award winners!

Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and Dinosaurs
 by Eric Litwin

Ballet Cat: Dance! Dance! Underpants!
by Bob Shea

And how did we do against what the real committee chose?



Already looking forward to 2018!

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