Monday, October 2, 2017

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 10.02.17

This weekly post comes from Jen at Teach Mentor Texts
 and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers.  
It's a great source to find new books to use with your students.

I have two weeks of reading to share with you!  I'll try to be quick!  If I have it in the post, it's one you want to check out.

Highlights of the last 2 weeks

This is a cannot miss series for young readers.  This is the second book - Charlie and Mouse and Grumpy.

Nicola Davies writes amazing picture books.  Two new nonfiction picture books that should not be missed by primary or elementary teachers here.

Two new middle grade books that are must haves!
     The Way to Bea - giveaway closes tonight, Monday, Oct. 2!
     Open if You Dare

I love Scholastic's Branches series!  Here are two new series that are just beginning!

Ready for October releases?  There are some spectacular books on this list!

Picture Books

This is Not a Normal Animal Book
This is Not a Normal Animal Book
written by Julie Segal Walters
illustrated by Brian Biggs
I knew this book was supposed to be a hybrid of fiction and facts.  It is.  You'll learn some animal facts along the way.
I did not know it was going to be laugh out loud hilarious.  And if I was laughing out loud, guess what will happen when you read this book to kids?
I did not know the author and illustrator would be having a bit of a battle throughout the book which makes everything better (wait until you get to the animal facts at the end of the book).
I do know this is going to make an amazing read aloud.
I also know you want to preorder this book NOW!  Publishes October 31st.  It's a must have!

La La La: A Story of Hope
La La La
written by Kate DiCamillo
illustrated by Jaime Kim
I might have written about this book before, I did read it at ALA.  I got an early copy of it and have had more time with it.  It's just a gorgeous book about hope.  About wanting a friend and finding a friend.  About thinking you're alone, but you're not.  The illustrations are just amazing.  This book is a must addition for Mock Caldecott.

Red and Lulu
Red and Lulu
by Matt Tavares
I can see this book being read every year.  It celebrates the tradition of the tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center in a way that also honors the bond of being together.  Another for the Mock Caldecott list.

by Suzy Lee
Gorgeous wordless picture book.  My favorite layouts were at the end with all of the children.

This Book Will Not Be Fun
This book will not be fun.
written by Cirocco Dunlap
illustrated by Olivier Tallec
This book is just plain silly.  A persnickety mouse (goodreads words, thought they fit perfectly) warns us the the book we're reading is not going to be any fun... until the word-eating whale, glow-worm, and gravity-defying dancers show up, that is!

In the Middle of Fall
In the Middle of Fall
written by Kevin Henkes
illustrated by Laura Dronzek
I feel like this book sums up what is happening all around us in northern IL!  I'm sure there are readers everywhere that will relate to this ode to fall!

When's My Birthday?
When's My Birthday?
written by Julie Fogliano
illustrated by Christian Robinson
Captures the can't-wait-feeling of an upcoming birthday!  And love Christian's illustrations, as always!

Why Am I Me?
Why Am I Me?
written by Paige Britt
illustrated by Sean Qualls and Selina Alko
I reviewed this book after seeing it at ALA, but just like the book from up above, I'm giving it another shout out.  If you have not had an opportunity to see this book, change that now!  Big questions that beg discussions and illustrations that have you looking at again and again.  Just gorgeous.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
by Kenard Pak
This is exactly how I like my winter - inside the pages of a book.  I don't ever need to see snow, I don't need to feel the cold, howling wind... just reading about them is enough!  Although, when it's a Kenard Pak illustration and it looks so pretty.... nope, illustration is still enough!  Planning on reading this one on the first day of winter for #classroombookaday!

Are We Pears Yet?
Are We Pears Yet?
written by Miranda Paul
illustrated by Carin Berger
Humorous take of the life cycle of a pear seed.  Will be using it with 2nd graders as part of their NGSS.

Bruce's Big Move
Bruce's Big Move
by Ryan T. Higgins
This is just one of those books you have to own.  Get it from the library and you miss being able to take off the book jacket and see what's underneath.  You can't fully appreciate the end pages when the jacket won't come off.  Don't get me wrong, if you need to get it from the library in order to read it, by all means do!  There's just so much to appreciate with Ryan Higgins books.  Humor being number one.  And this book has it.

Early Chapter Books

That's My Book! and Other Stories
That's My Book! And Other Stories
by Salina Yoon
It's always a treasure being back with Little Duck and the gang.  My favorite parts remain to be when Little Ducks breaks through that "wall" and communicates with his full of expression eyes to the reader!  His look of frustration never grows old :)

Middle Grade

Revenge of the Flower Girls
Revenge of the Flower Girls
by Jennifer Ziegler
I am so honored to be presenting with Jennifer at NCTE in November.  We will be talking about strong characters and I can see why - I love the Brewster triplets!  They have great ideas, they know what they want, they are creative about getting it, and they are not afraid of teamwork!  Looking forward to reading the next two books in this series.

Young Adult

The Testing (The Testing, #1)
The Testing 
by Joelle Charbonneau
I've had this book in my stacks for years!  I knew I wanted to get to it but I often push young adult aside because I have so many middle grade books to get to and since that is who I work with, I place priority on those.  But there's nothing like a good book - and this one is fantastic!  Thank goodness I had this on my #mustreadin2017 list!  This series has the feels of Hunger Games and Divergent, but it is different and stands on its own.  If you like those books, this is a must read.  My daughter just finished the Hunger Games series and I've never seen her have a book hangover like this one she has!  In fact, she couldn't fathom reading any other book, she started the series all over again.  I think she's going to really like Charbonneau's series!

Currently Reading

Dear Martin
Dear Martin
by Nic Stone

Happy fall reading!


  1. Red and Lulu is a beautiful book. Matt Tavares was at Nerdcamp NNE the weekend before last. I can totally relate to your feelings about winter! Even though I feel that way I'll probably pick up Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter.

  2. Waiting for Dear Martin. So many pretty autumn themed books this year. The Flower Girls are always fun. Have you nominated books for the Cybils Awards?

  3. I'm happy to hear there are new Branches books coming out! I should see them when I host my book fair in a few weeks.

    And I'm with Ms. Yingling...I hope you will nominate some of your favorite children's and YA books for the Cybils Awards! I posted about it a bit in my blog post this week.

  4. Some gorgeous picture books here this week! Some I know and some I want to get my hands on like La La La. I am also excited about the new Branches series. I had seen the first one in your post but not the second.

  5. Wasn’t Red and Lulu gorgeous?! Lots of great books this week!

  6. You've shared so many wonderful book, Michele. I have some of them, and still need to read them. I can't wait to read La La La! Thanks!

  7. I hadn't heart of Lines before. I definitely need to check that out!

  8. You have so many beautiful picture books here. I haven't read any of the Charlie & Mouse series, but just put a hold on the first in the series.

  9. We have got to get a copy of La La La. It sounds wonderful!

  10. I have the new Bruce to read--I cannot wait :)
    As always, thank you for sharing the best PBs with me!
    And enjoy Martin. It is heart-breaking but important.

    Happy reading this week :)

  11. I really love Charlie and Mouse. They are too fun. I agree that La La La is gorgeous & would be one to look at for Mock Caldecotts. When's My Birthday is fantastic. Red & Lulu & Lines are two I'll be watching for in the future.