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#road2reading Challenge - new sequels to series - 11.12.2020

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I have some favorite transitional chapter book series, and lately it's been the season for sequels!  Here's a round up of the sequels and if the series are new to you, definitely check them out!

Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy
Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy
written by Zanib Mian
illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik
Love this #ownvoices series and Omar is a favorite of young readers.  In this sequel, Omar gets his friends to help him solve a mystery, with a very surprising outcome!
Why I love this series:
Omar is a character that is relatable to young readers.  He's likable, yet isn't a perfect kid.  He has a great heart and always means well.  HIs friendships are also realistic and appropriately written.  I'm so glad to have representation in chapter books!

The Ridiculous and Wonderful Rainbow Hat (Locker 37, #3)
Locker 37: The Ridiculous and Wonderful Rainbow Hat
written by Aaron Starmer
illustrated by Courtney La Forest
This series was one of my favorite finds from the summer.  Who wouldn't want to have a locker in their school that gave them something they need - even if it is a bit unexpected?
This book focuses on Riley who is working on doing her biggest school prank ever!  But when she can't get the help from friends (who are unwilling to potentially break school rules - go figure....) she looks for help from Locker 37.  Inside the locker is a hat, but not just any old, boring hat.  Now, every time Riley takes the hat off her head, it clones her.  And with a lot of Rileys, that just means the prank gets even more epic!
Why I love this series:
Again, it's a locker that helps magic happen for you.  The possibilities are endless, and I hope Starmer continues to find more for the kids at Hopewell Elementary!

Emperor of the Universe (Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat, #5)
Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat - Emperor of the Universe
written by Johnny Marciano and Emily Chenoweth
illustrated by Robb Mommaerts
Whoo hoo, more Klawde!
Klawde is running down on his luck lately so he decides to forget conquering Earth, it's time to go after some bigger locations.  And, the job of Emperor of the Universe has just opened up.  With some help from friends, can Klawde get this title under his belt?
Why I love this series:
It is laugh out loud funny.  Klawde is just the right amount of evil, and the best amount of sarcastic cat I've ever read in a series.  I like how the chapters are told back and forth between Klawde and Raj, his human (at least Raj's family views it that way).  And, based on the ending, there looks to be more Klawde in our future.

Iggy Is Better Than Ever
Iggy Is Better Than Ever
written by Annie Barrows
illustrated by Sam Ricks
I can confidently say the second Iggy book is even better than the first.
This time there is a chain of events that happen with one bad thing after another, and as Barrows tells us at the very start, even with all of these bad things, Iggy doesn't learn his lesson.
Why I like this series:
Okay, I didn't love the first book.  Iggy is a character that doesn't learn his lesson, and doesn't change by the end of the book.  In this second book, Iggy still does those things, but this time maybe I understand a bit more?  There are some things I wish Iggy had done, but that goes against his character.  And I think sometimes kids want to read about a character who isn't perfect.  Iggy is that character.

The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem by Shannon Hale
The Princess in Black and the Giant Problem
written by Shannon and Dean Hale
illustrated by LeUyen Pham
There's a snow day and the Princess in Black has a playdate with a couple of superhero friends, although she wishes she could play with everyone.  But the playdate is interrupted by one giant problem - no really, a giant comes and creates a problem.  Unfortunately, he's a bit too big of a problem for the three friends.  Some other friends might come in handy....
Why I love this series:
They are so fun and the problems are universal to all readers.  I can hook boys and girls with these characters and their foes.  Kids will like the snowy setting of this book and will probably relate to not seeing friends, the problem Princess Magnolia has at the beginning of the story.

Disney Before the Story by Walt Disney Company
Cinderella Takes the Stage
written by Tessa Roehl
illustrated by Adrienne Brown
For young readers who love the Disney Princesses, this series is perfect for them.  All of the stories in this series take place before the well-known movies and the princesses are young girls.
In this one we meet Ella, before she has become the Cinderella we know and love.  We see some origins of things that take place in the movie - like how she got her nickname, and how she loves sewing and creating.  It's also before her father has remarried and she's with her evil stepmother.
In this story, Ella is creating puppets for a special show and is hoping to win the puppet contest so she can earn a gold coin.  However, she meets a young and feisty peasant girl who has the same dream.  Ella's original ideas about this young girl are turned around with some wise words from her mother.  The girls end up working together and become friends.
Why I like this series:  
It really does appeal to all of the Disney fans out there and it's fun to see some origins of the well-known stories.  Staying with the Disney theme and ideals - there's always some magic and a lesson to be learned in each book!

Lots of sequels for our readers!  Don't you love hooking readers on a story and knowing you have more to give them?

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