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#road2reading Challenge - more graphic novels! - 11.19.2020

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This summer I wrote about some new graphic novels that are perfect for young readers.  I followed up with some new fall favorites.  Now I'm back with a few more suggestions!  Graphic novels are tops with readers and I'm excited to have more to reach our readers who are just starting to be independent.  Check these out!

Donut Feed the Squirrels by Mika Song
Donut Feed the Squirrels
by Mika Song
Readers are going to love meeting Norma and Belly, young squirrels who are looking for a little breakfast after burning their pancakes.  That's when they smell the most delicious smell... donuts.  They plot to get their own donuts after the donut seller rejects their offer of chestnuts for payment.  Once they take matters into their own hands, Belly even discovers when you add just a hint of chestnut to the donuts, it tastes even better!
It's a cute story that will make readers giggle and want more.  Lucky for us this will be a series and we have more Norma and Belly fun coming in 2021!

King of the Birds by Elise Gravel
Arlo & Pips: King of the Birds
by Elise Gravel
So after reading this, I really am in awe of crows!  They really are amazing and talented birds!
Arlo is a crow and thinks very highly of himself.  He enjoys bragging to other birds and showing off his many talents.  While Pips is the first to tell Arlo he's bragging too much, Pips also finds Arlo's talents impressive.
Readers will laugh at the amazing Arlo - he does crack some good jokes - and the fun facts that Gravel includes about crows along the way.  Readers will leave with a new understanding of crows and their many talents!
Looking forward to reading more in this series!

The Biggest Roller Coaster by Tina Kugler     Let's Bee Thankful by Ross Burach     Hog on a Log by Janee Trasler
Fox Tails: The Biggest Roller Coaster by Tina Kügler
Bumble and Bee: Let's Bee Thankful by Ross Burach
A Frog and Dog book: Hog on a Log by Janee Trasler
I'm so glad to get more sequels to these Scholastic Acorn line books.  They are perfect for newly independent readers.  They stay at a readable level with sight words and decodable text.  They have chapters which look cool.  The characters all talk through talk bubbles so readers get the graphic novel feel to them.  A few even have graphic novel panels and frames.  And they have funny and enjoyable storylines.  If you teach kindergartners or 1st graders, the Acorn line is a must for your readers!

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  1. These books look super-fun, especially Donut Feed the Squirrels! Thanks for the excellent post!