Saturday, July 11, 2015

Celebrate this Week! 7.11.15

It's always good to end the week on a positive note.  Sometimes we concentrate on the negatives.  We have a choice.  Choose positive.  Choose to celebrate.  I will be joining Ruth Ayres and her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week.  Check out all the other celebrations HERE

The title of this celebration is


I have to say, I've been completely lucky this week.  I've spent the majority of this week with amazing authors.  Every time I spend time with them, I'm reminded of how incredibly awesome they are.  I have them up on a pedestal.  To me, they are amazing.  They do something I just don't have the ability to do - write and illustrate prolifically.  And to top it off, they are some of the kindest, nicest, famous people I've ever met.  Here are some of the highlights:

* I sat next to Debbie Ohi at dinner Sunday night.  She is enthusiastic and funny - so wonderful to talk to.  I mentioned that Naked is my niece's favorite book and she asked to see a picture of her then drew a quick sketch with a message for her!

* I was lucky enough to hang out with Jess Keating again this year.  She is hilarious to talk to - she'll make you laugh over and over again.  She has the perfect middle grade voice in her books.  I can't wait to read Pink is for Blobfish and the next book in her Anna series.

* I met Josh Funk for the first time.  He spent so much time with us sharing his new books and talking publishing.  It was fascinating and he answered all of our questions so patiently! The best part is he read his new book Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast (pub. Sept. 1) to us.  There is something special when you hear a book read out loud by the author of the book.  I adored this book and can't wait to share it this fall.

* Lauren Castillo.  I met her.  Oh my gosh.  Major fan girl time!!  So sweet.  So kind.  Everyone you talked to had a story about how when they met her she was so nice and kind. She's an author I would love to hang out with.  Oh wait, my friends did.  So.  Lucky.

* Liesl Shurtliff sang to us in her author panel session.  She is so talented.

* Erin Downing is so fun to hang out with.  She is great to Skype with, but in person, well, first of all she is tall!  But she's another enthusiastic, fun person to be around!

* NerdCamp was Cassie Beasley's first big author signing.... I think she got A LOT of book love from us nerds!

* And these authors gave their time to NerdCamp Jr - an extension of NerdCamp for kids!

But my author fun didn't end there.

On Thursday we traveled to Naperville for more author fun at Anderson's.  We talked with Kristen Kittscher, Tricia Springstubb, Tracy Holczer, and Kate Hannigan.  They were so kind to my daughter and signed special notes for her.

Today we headed back to Anderson's to see more middle grade authors.  Ruth Bradshaw (Ellie McDoodle books) drew amazing pictures in my daughter's book and had everyone in the room sing happy birthday to her (it was her 10th bday).  We met Laurie Thompson who wrote Emmanuel's Dream.  My daughter and I did the Nerdy post for that book back in January.  We also met Tara Dairman, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, Christine Hayes and Kevan Atteberry.  And.... we hung out with Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  Lynda is the reason we went down to Naperville and what my daughter chose to do for her birthday - she wanted to meet Lynda.  I was fortunate enough to have met her at NCTE and she is just the most kind and genuine author I've met.  Her heart is on her sleeve and she has an amazing appreciation for teachers.  I could sit and listen to her talk for hours.  I was so glad my daughter had the chance to meet her.  And Lynda came laden with birthday swag for my daughter!  So sweet.

I also want to quickly celebrate the awesomeness of Nerd Camp.  Everyone who is on the planning committee deserves a standing ovation.  It's an amazing event.
What made it double amazing for me was spending time with friends.  These are people that I may or may not have known a year ago, but over the year, I met and now through voxer, talk to everyday.  Most of us were able to be at Nerd Camp, and just had an amazing time.  Every minute I spent with them I will hold close to my heart.  Next year's camp will be on July 11-12.  I will most likely not be able to be there because my daughter will be going through limb lengthening surgery and rehab.  It makes me want to cry knowing I will miss the event, but I will have to hold the memories from this year even closer to my heart!  

I'm so grateful for NerdCamp and how it feeds my Nerdy heart!


  1. Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! I am absolutely envious but thrilled you shared it all here!

  2. I am teary! The camaraderie, the laughter, the sharing-just amazing! So glad to spent time with my #nerdypeeps!

  3. What an incredibly sweet post. I so enjoyed meeting you, Michele, and drawing for your niece! Personally (and I strongly suspect other authors/illustrators will agree with me), I think the hashtag should be #TEACHERSareRockStars and #LIBRARIANSareRockStars, not authors. And I strongly agree with what you said at the end: YAY for the awesomeness of Nerd Camp; I'm grateful for it, too.

  4. I have met many fewer authors, Michele, but I have spent time with Lynda Mullaly Hunt and understand what you mean. She was so kind and lovely to talk with. NerdCamp does sound fabulous! Glad you were able to be there!

  5. Michele,
    I love this post. I love the way you organized it. I love the way your energy is palpable. Thanks for always celebrating.
    Shine on,

  6. So fun to read about your encounters with authors throughout the week. I still remember when Lynda Mullally Hunt commented on my One For the Murphys blog post. I was starstruck! Still haven't met her. I'm envious, but glad for all the author love you shared with us. NerdCamp sounds fabulous!

  7. I still have goosebumps! We are a fortunate bunch! So grateful for the #nerdybookclub and all the amazing people I have met, many of which I now call friends!

  8. I loved this piece and am crying for you that the dates don't work out. Meeting you was a highlight.