Friday, July 31, 2015

Your Alien by Tammy Sauer - a book review

Your Alien
Your Alien
by Tammi Sauer
Illustrated by Goro Fujita
publishes August 4th by Sterling Children's Books

When young children hear a book for the first time, you want them to engage with the story.  This usually happens when they feel something - whether it's a bubble of laughter coming from their mouth or their insides feel warm and fuzzy after a tender moment.  Your Alien by Tammi Sauer will have young readers laughing out loud by page 3, and want to reach in and give the alien a hug by the middle of the book.  When young readers feel something in a book, they are more likely to go back to it again and again.  Of course, having a good story helps!  Kids will love meeting the Alien and Boy and see them fall into a fast friendship, get into some trouble together, and need that reassuring hug from parents.

But every good story needs illustrations.  Ones that are eye-catching and bold will help.  Goro Fujita's work on Adobe Photoshop, is top notch and creates highly engaging illustrations to match the heart-warming text.

Be sure you find Your Alien at your local bookstore or library on August 4th.

Want to use it in your classroom or library this fall?  Try these ideas!

Teachable Moments
* show students how this is a narrative text.  It starts at the beginning of a day and moves through to the end of the day.

* this book is told in the 2nd point of view, which is not as common.  In the 2nd POV, the narrator is telling the story to a character in the story, using the word "you".  Compare with Laura Numeroff's "If You Give A...." stories.

* find points in the text that make the reader feel something.  What emotion is it?  What did the author or illustrator do to make you feel that way?

* the problem in the story is inferred through the words and text.  What is the problem?  How did you know?  Do you agree with the way the author told the reader the problem?

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