Thursday, October 29, 2015

#GNCelebration Week 5: Celebrating the new Bird and Squirrel

I'm really excited to join Franki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading, Alyson at Kid Lit Frenzy and Claire and Tammy from Assessment in Perspective to talk about this wonderful reading format!  Hooray for Graphic Novels!

Thanks for joining us this month to celebrate all things Graphic Novel!  I've enjoyed thinking about how to use them, ways to add creativity with my lessons, and of course, finding even more titles to read and share.

For this last week I want to highlight a graphic novel that just came out this past Tuesday.  Whenever you hear a sequel is coming out, you cringe, wondering if it can ever live up to the first book.  And then when there are multiple sequels, you always wonder if this is going to be the "one" that just doesn't live up to the expectations.  I'm here to tell you.....

Bird and Squirrel doesn't fail.

Not with the humor of James Burks behind the wheel!

Bird and Squirrel are by far one of my favorite duos.  They're Laurel and Hardy.  They're Will and Grace.  They're Tom and Jerry.  They're Elephant and Piggie.  The duos that are about as opposite as you can get, but feed off each other perfectly.  With Bird's happy-go-lucky attitude and Squirrel's neurotic tendencies, you know you're going to have a laugh-out-loud, funny read in front of you.

This past Tuesday, the third Bird and Squirrel book was released.

Bird & Squirrel on the Edge!
Bird and Squirrel On the Edge
by James Burks
Published by Graphix, a division of Scholastic

Squirrel is as obsessive compulsive as always.  Bird, well, without giving anything away, Bird has some issues in this one.  And wow, does it make for great comic relief.  Except for the scenes that Squirrel steals.  Because he has some good lines.

Add this entire series to your classroom library or school library if it's not there already.  These books will make your students laugh out loud - and that is one of the best sounds you can hear.  When you know that a book has hooked a reader.  Total satisfaction.

Thank you James Burks.  Keep the Bird and Squirrel adventures coming.

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  1. We love the the way James Burks brings these characters to life - So much fun!