Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#road2reading Challenge - early NF series 2.14.17

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools 
that you may use with readers at the start of their reading journey.
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It's no secret that Alyson Beecher and I have a shared love for nonfiction books.  I find nonfiction to be a surprise - I'm surprised at the new learning I find, I'm surprised at how the information reels me into the book, I'm surprised at how the authors craft their words.

But finding nonfiction for our early readers can be a challenge.  Here are a few series I have found that support those readers on the #road2reading.  These books have:
  • great photographs to support the text
  • carefully introduced text - text features that support new words (bold text, definitions supplied, glossaries)
  • sentences that are short, but help readers construct new understanding
Here are a few series that I recommend for young readers:

Seedling series
Product Details     Product Details     Product Details

Discover My World series (often found in Scholastic flyers)

Product Details     Image result for discovering my world melvin and gilda berger     Image result for discovering my world melvin and gilda berger

Ready to Read series
Product Details     Product Details

Check out Alyson's post and find more books to include in your nonfiction section for young readers.

Join us in our #road2reading Challenge!

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