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#road2reading Challenge - May releases - 6.06.17

All journeys have a starting place.
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that you may use with readers at the start of their reading journey.
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So many great releases last month!  Here's what popped out of the stacks!

Early Readers

The Good for Nothing Button
The Good for Nothing Button
by Charise Mericle Harper
The next Elephant and Piggie Like Reading book is going to be another sure fire hit with readers.  They are going to find themselves laughing....about nothing!

Peeper and Zeep by Adam Gudeon
Peeper and Zeep 
by Adam Gudeon
The ending got a bit muddled, but I liked the story leading up to it.  I think readers will like meeting these characters.

Early Graphic Novels

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt  (Narwhal and Jelly)
Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt
by Ben Clanton
I adore this series!  I love that there are separate chapters with episodic stories.  Great early graphic novel series!

Transitional Chapter Books

Octo-Man and the Headless Monster     Sol-Ray Man and the Freaky Flood #2 (The Escapades of Clint McCool)
The Escapades of Clint McCool series
Octo-Man and the Headless Monster and Sol-Ray Man and the Freaky Flood
by Jane Kelley
published by Grosset & Dunlap

Clint McCool, or as his mother calls him, Walter, always has amazing ideas... if only the ideas panned out the way he envisioned them!  His brain is always zing, zong, zinging, maybe a little too fast, and sometimes his impulses get in the way.  
Kids will enjoy meeting Clint and many will probably relate to what is most likely his ADHD, that tends to get him into trouble!  With a heart of gold, Clint is a likable and realistic character.
Audience: 2nd-4th grade

The Fix-It Friends: Have No Fear!       The Fix-It Friends: Sticks and Stones
The Fix-It Friends series
Have No Fear! and Sticks and Stones
by Nicole C. Kear
published by Imprint

Love this new series!  In the first book, our main character, Veronica, feels compelled to help a new friends overcome her fear of bugs.  Young readers will love all of the ideas Veronica and her friends and family come up with to help.  Most are disastrous, which are so funny to read about.  Great book to encourage positive and creative thinking.  There are even end notes that give more ideas and resources.  This is a series I will continue purchasing for my library.
Audience: 1st-3rd grade

Crash! by Nancy E. Krulik       Don't Sneeze! #2 (The Kid from Planet Z)
The Kid From Planet Z series
Crash! and Don't Sneeze!
by Nancy Krulik
published by Grosset & Dunlap

This is going to be another series that will be popular with young readers.  It's a good series ladder for Jon Scieszka's Spaceheadz series.

The Zander family has crash landed on Earth and until they can repair their spaceship, they'll need to stay for a little while, which means assimilating into life on Earth.  Zeke has to  try and fit into the second grade, while the "brains" of the family, Zeus the cat, learns that being a cat on Earth means he gets to lie around and not do much!  A lot of silliness happens, which makes this the perfect series for those readers who love to laugh!
Audience:  1st-3rd grade

Hope you found some new books for your classroom or books to suggest to your readers for summer reading!

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