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#road2reading Challenge - new graphic novels - 10.08.2020

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I am super grateful that publishers have more and more early graphic novels for readers.  Graphic novels are in such high demand and they bring so many readers on a reading journey.  While many of these readers are still practicing their visualizations for longer stories, graphic novels help support them as become independent with this skill.  Graphic novels help readers piece the visual parts of the text and the print together to create meaning.  Readers learn to synthesize and infer information, which are advanced skills that readers will continue to use throughout their reading journey.  Be sure to add these to your collection for your readers!

Puppy Problems by Paige Braddock
Peanut, Butter, and Crackers: Puppy Problems
by Paige Braddock
This one is probably my favorite new graphic novel series because of the fun characters.  Each one is endearing in his/her own way and when you put the three together, they will make you laugh and want to hug them!
In this first book in the series, Peanut the puppy is introduced to the family.  Crackers the dog and Butter the cat are less than enthused with this new addition and at first find ways to remove the little guy.  Peanut eventually grows on them (readers will love Peanut right away), which is good because we can't wait to see what new adventures they will have!

Stuck Together by Brian "Smitty" Smith     Wannabees by Brian "Smitty" Smith
Pea, Bee, and Jay series
Stuck Together and Wannabees
by Brian "Smitty" Smith
New from Harper Collins, the Harper Alley graphic novel imprint is bringing us lots of new graphic novels for a wide range of readers.  For the earlier crowd, we have a new trio of unlikely friends - a pea, a bee, and a blue jay.  Helping each other out, having fun, and maybe getting into a little trouble.  
The series uses typical graphic novel frames, but they stay in a relatively linear fashion, which will help young readers.  There are three main characters that are easy to keep track of.  Sometimes there are multiple conversation bubbles that toggle back and forth which can lead to confusion.  Readers have to know what order to read them and how to go back and forth between the bubbles.The story line also does have some sophisticated vocabulary.  Fine for young readers who have strong reading skills, but can be trickier for readers who are still growing in their decoding skills.

Fox & Rabbit Make Believe by Beth Ferry
Fox and Rabbit: Make Believe
written by Beth Ferry
illustrated by Gergely Dudás
I love the imaginary play between Fox and Rabbit and friends, especially when they are in the park.  I have fond memories of being at the park and staying off the "lava" and running away from all sorts of imaginary foes.  Written in chapters, but it has a flowing story, readers will enjoy seeing what Fox and Rabbit are up to since their last adventure.

Hope you found some new graphic novels for your readers - or some to order!

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