Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 7.30.14

NF PB 2014

We know that a big part of the CCSS is to include more informational texts into ourstudents' reading.  I quickly discovered I had a "gap" in my reading diet - the genre of informational texts!  To help me fill the gap this year, I am going to participate in Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesdays!  This is a great link-up hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy.  Please visit this website to see other educator's link-ups.  My goal is to read at least one informational text each week and post information on the blog.  The more books and subjects I read, the more I can encourage (my #OLW for 2014) other teachers to use in their classroom! 

Clara and Davie
Clara and Davie by Patricial Polacco
Polacco always writes so intimately and from the heart.  This story is no different.  Written about the childhood of young Clara Barton and her relationships with her family members, particularly that of her brother, Davie.  I loved getting this inside look at young Clara's childhood.  I do know the basic information about how Clara became a nurse and started the Red Cross, I thought it was interesting to see what led to her future.  Through Polacco's writing, you can feel Clara's passion and see her calling!
I think this book would be a great mentor text for narrowing an idea down.  Perfect for a biography unit to show how you can narrow a topic down and write "smaller".
Pair with Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors by Tanya Lee Stone

Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell
I pulled this book out because it is a nominee on the IL 2015 Monarch Book Award list.  This fits perfectly with the theme of the week - making writing ideas smaller - and could be paired with Clara and Davie as another mentor text.  This story tells about the early life of Jane Goodall and how her passion for helping animals started.  I adore the last page of text and the photo!  At the end there is an author's note and a letter from Jane Goodall.


  1. I don't know Clara and Davie, sounds wonderful, Michele, and have loved Me...Jane since it came out. I've used it as a mentor also for inspiring journaling which our students do a lot. Thanks for the idea about the narrowing down, too!

  2. I always enjoy recommending Me... Jane to little girls who absolutely love animals. Patricia Polacco never ceases to amaze me with her stories.

  3. Me Jane is a favourite in my room! I even dressed up as Jane Goodall for Halloween this year as we adored this book so much!

  4. Great books! I was lucky enough to hear Jane Goodall speak when I was in college - what an amazing woman!

  5. Me...Jane was one of my favorites the year it was published. I love the illustrations and it is just enough information for my younger readers.

  6. I love both these books, Michele. Patricia Polacco's books are so full of heart. I have been collecting them for years.

  7. Hi Michele! have yet to read Me... Jane. It looks so adorable!