Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight Friday - a Thanksgiving Roundup

Time to get ready for the weekend!
Kick up your feet and find a good place to read.
Sharing #booklove for your classroom or library.
Spotlighting a book or two because these books deserve the spotlight!

Can you believe it's days before Thanksgiving?  I can tell just by the excitement in the air at school.  The kids know the holidays are coming and smiles are on their faces.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Food, family, fun and traditions.

I have found that even though attention may be hard to hold over the next few days, weeks... books are a great way to get them to pay attention.  Kids love story time, even when it's hard to pay attention to other activities.  Try some of these the next few days!

Sharing the Bread: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story
Sharing the Bread: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story
written by Pat Zietlow Miller
illustrated by Jill McElmurry
Published by Schwartz & Wade Books

  • This book is rich with tradition.  Talk, share, discuss and write about traditions.  It doesn't have to center around Thanksgiving, what other traditions does your family celebrate?
  • Compare this book to Emily Jenkins' A Fine Dessert.  What tools are similar in both texts?
  • Look at Pat Zietlow Miller's writing.  How does the rhyming work for this type of story? Can you use this style in a writing piece about traditions?
Over the River & Through the Wood: A Holiday Adventure
Over the River and Through the Wood
written by Linda Ashman
illustrated by Kim Smith
Published by Sterling Children's Books

  • I love how the family all comes together in this book.  Just like the other book also has family, but talks about traditions, use this book to talk about how friends and families come together during holidays.  What do their families do during the holidays?
  • Love the different forms of transportation in this book!  How do the forms of transportation match the region they are in?
  • Another rhyming story!  How is this one same/different from Miller's book?  Authors must make writing decisions - what style is best for their story?  Why do you think Linda Ashman and Pat Zietlow Miller made the decision to use rhymes?
Time for Cranberries
Time for Cranberries
written by Lisl H. Detlefsen
illustrated by Jed Henry
Published by Roaring Book Press

  • Perfect narrative story to show "how to" writing!
Judy Moody and Stink: The Wishbone Wish
Judy Moody and Stink and the Wishbone Wish
written by Megan McDonald
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Published by Candlewick Press

  • Judy and Stink engage in some friendly sibling competition.  They don't always think the other is going to do what they set out to accomplish?  Would you do the same thing as Stink?  How do they support each other?  
  • Judy Moody dresses up as someone unexpected.  How is it a very appropriate choice for Judy's character?  What did you learn about this not-as-famous American?
What Was the First Thanksgiving?
What Was the First Thanksgiving?
by Joan Holub
illustrated by Lauren Mortimer
published by Grosset and Dunlap

  • Use all of this informational text or just pieces of it.  I love how Scholastic's new series has a better voice in their informative writing.  Point out sentences and text that add voice - how did it make factual information more interesting?

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