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#road2reading Challenge - new Bloomsbury series 8.29.17

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Alyson and I have both covered Bloomsbury's new Read and Bloom series in past posts.  I believe we're both fans of this new series and today Bloomsbury has a new set of books to add to this series!

The Adventures of Caveboy by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen       
 The Adventures of Caveboy and Caveboy is Bored!
written by Sudipta Barchan-Quallen
illustrated by Eric Wight
publishes August 29th 

Caveboy lives with his mom, dad and sister and loves swinging his bat.  His favorite thing to do with his bat is play baseskull - you know, where you swing your bat at a skull!  In the first book of the series, Caveboy breaks his bat and must find another one.  When he does, it's already been claimed... by a girl.  Can Caveboy get the bat and maybe a new friend?

In the second story, Caveboy is bored, hungry and tired but guess who interrupts all of his plans?  His sister, of course!  Readers will laugh at how Caveboy and Sister solve all of the problems.

And don't miss the Wallace and Grace series:

Wallace and Grace Take the Case       Wallace and Grace and the Cupcake Caper
Wallace and Grace Take the Case and the Cupcake Caper
written by Heather Alexander
illustrated by Laura Zarrin

Wallace and Grace run the Night Owl Detective Agency that caters to nocturnal animals.  If they have to work during the daytime, the sunglasses have to come out.  Each book follows a similar premise - we learn a bit about Wallace and Grace, then they meet the character who needs assistance with a mystery.  They follow steps to solve the case, and of course, are successful. 

What I love about this series is the predictability of it.  This is very helpful for young readers because they rely on consistent structure when independent reading.

In a couple of weeks there is a new book to add to this series:

Wallace and Grace and the Lost Puppy
Wallace and Grace and the Lost Puppy
September 12th

This one may be my favorite in the series! 

Both the Wallace and Grace series and the Caveboy series are perfect for the Kg-3rd grade classroom.  Series like these are so important because they support readers who are ready for independent reading!

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