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Spotlight Friday - How To books - 9.28.18

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Spotlighting a book or two because these books deserve the spotlight!

I like finding "how to" books.  They are helpful to have for different kind of writing tasks.  Here are some new ones I've come across:

How to Be a T. Rex by Ryan North
How to be a T. Rex
written by Ryan North
illustrated by Mike Lowery
Full of humor and fun, this "how to" book gives us some quick instructions in how to act like a T.Rex.  For example, be super fierce and don't be afraid of anything.  Think that will work for you?  Our young main character finds out the good parts and the not so good parts about being a T. Rex.  This will be a sure fire hit with young readers.

How To Be A Lion by Ed Vere
How to be a Lion
by Ed Vere
Not your typical "how to" book - this one stresses there is only one way to be a lion and this is to be fierce.  But Leonard the lion shows us that sometimes it's ok to go against the grain and be your own, true self.  This book has a great message and some signposts (Contrasts and Contradictions, Words of the Wiser to name a couple).  Even though it's weaker on the "how to" part, would be good to talk about how we don't always have to follow the traditional "how to".

How To Feed Your Parents by Ryan    Miller
How to Feed Your Parents
written by Ryan Miller
illustrated by Hatem Aly
Kids will love seeing how the tables turn between the child and the parents.  Matilda is tired of eating the same things but her parents just want chicken nuggets, macaroni, pizza.... you get the idea!  Matilda decides the only way to get her parents to try new things is if she cooks them herself.  

If You're Going to a March by Martha Freeman
If You're Going to a March
written by Martha Freeman
illustrated by Violet Kim
A timely how to book, this one gives some step by step directions and tips for attending and participating in a peaceful march.  While staying on the positive side, it does show how there are people who are for both sides at a march and talks about it being peaceful.  I liked the additional notes in the endpages about how citizens of the United States are in charge of the government and one of our rights is the right to protest and march.

Have you found some new "how to" books?  List them in the comments so we can find more!

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