Friday, April 5, 2019

Spotlight Friday - new Poetry books, part 2 4.05.19

I know a lot of classrooms and libraries celebrate poetry during the month of April.  Whether you celebrate it year round or at a particular time, finding new poetry books is always fun!  For the next few weeks I'll be sharing some new ones you might want to add to your collections.

Image result for i'm the big one now by marilyn singer
I'm the Big One Now! Poems About Growing Up
written by Marilyn Singer
illustrated by Jana Christy
This will be so fun to read to kids who have some "experience" with life!  They will love looking back thinking of all the things they can do now, like riding a bike, holding a sibling for the first time, first cannonball, first "big kid" party (or as us parents refer to them, drop off parties!).  Told in rhymes that roll of your tongue, after all, it is Marilyn Singer's poetry, kids will love this collection!

Boom! Bellow! Bleat! by Georgia Heard
Boom!   Bellow!  Bleat!  Animal Poems for Two or More Voices
written by Georgia Heard
illustrated by Aaron DeWitt
Perfect for the upcoming Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 18th this year).  All of the poems are centered around animals and the ways they communicate.  Some of the poems explain using animal sounds, others give explanations of the animals's communication through the poems.  But they all are meant to be read by multiple readers.  Using colors to explain which reader reads which part, kids will love the way these poems sound when the parts come together.  Some of the poems are meant to be read in a specific cadence mimicking the actual animal sounds.

Clackety Track by Skila Brown
Clackety Track: Poems About Trains
written by Skila Brown
illustrated by Jamey Christoph
Love this collection of train poems!  The theme is trains, but the poem subjects vary from passenger trains to working trains to parts like train tracks!  The illustrations are described as being "vintage style" and they compliment the poems beautifully! 
I'm looking forward to reading this one out loud - I know train aficionados will love this book, but I bet it will find some new readers too!

Hope you've enjoyed these poetry books!  

Looking for more poetry?  Here's part 1!

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  1. I loved Skila's Slickety Quick shark poems, so I'll be sure to check this one out too, Michele. And Boom! looks like my kind of book. Will I see you at NCTE 2019? I'll be there :)