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#road2reading Challenge - new independent readers 10.24.19

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools
that you may use with readers 
at the start of their independent reading journey.
Join in the conversation at #road2reading.

I've been covering a lot of chapter books for our readers but today I'm going to switch it up and focus on our readers who are just starting their reading journey.  Here are some great books for readers who are starting to independently read!

Peanut Butter's First Day of School by Terry Border
Peanut Butter's First Day of School
by Terry Border
You probably know Peanut Butter and Cupcake from their picture books, but not they are starring in a sight word reader.  

Truth or Lie by Erica S. Perl
Truth or Lie:  Sharks!
written by Erica S. Perl
illustrated by Michael Slack
Time to play 3 truths and a lie - shark style!

My First Day of School by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
My First Day of School
written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
photographs by Jill Wachter
Cute rhyming story about starting school - young readers will recognize things like the easel, sand table, and snack time!

Look Out! A Storm! by David Milgrim
Look Out!  A Storm!
by David Milgrim
Friends can be in a bad mood, but when friends need a helping hand, it's nice to see friends help!

World of Reading by Ella Patrick
Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures: Heroes and Villains
written by Ella Patrick
illustrations by Titmouse
Compare and contrast the heroes and villains of Star Wars and their ships and weapons.

Who is the Mystery Reader? by Mo Willems
Who is the Mystery Reader?
by Mo Willems
I like this one better than the first Unlimited Squirrels story.  Longer than the beloved Elephant and Piggie stories, this one is a good ladder book for those readers who want to try something just a little bit longer.

Hi, Jack! by Mac Barnett     Jack Blasts Off! by Mac Barnett
Hi, Jack! and Jack Blasts Off!
written by Mac Barnett
illustrated by Greg Pizzoli
I'm interested in getting these books in the hands of readers.  I think kids will like the mischievous character, Jack.  As an adult, I think he needs some serious behavior reinforcements to reward the positives instead of his naughty behavior!

Where's Rollo? by Reed Duncan     Uh-Oh, Rollo! by Reed Duncan
Where's Rollo? and Uh-Oh, Rollo!
written by Reed Duncan
illustrated by Keith Frawley
Readers will enjoy meeting Rollo, the bulldog, who is lovable but just can't help getting into trouble!

The Rocky Mountains by Marion Dane Bauer     Niagara Falls by Marion Dane Bauer
Wonders of America series:
The Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls
written by Marion Dane Bauer
illustrated by John Wallace
Young readers are curious about the world, I'm glad this series exists to tell them about the different landmarks in America!

Hope some of these titles make their way into the hands of your young readers.

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