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Spotlight Friday: new poetry books 2.14.2020

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Spotlight:  Poetry!

Just a few new poetry books you may want to add to your collections!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood by Fred Rogers
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers
Lyrics by Fred Rogers
Illustrated by Luke Flowers
This collection has 137 pages of the songs Mister Rogers brought to his show.  Presented here in poetry format, these beautiful lyrics remind young readers it’s ok to have feelings and express themselves.  
I really appreciate there being an index at the end of the book.  Educators can refer to it and find different social emotional learning topics and the corresponding poems.
With illustrations from Luke Flowers (see if you can find some cameos, like Mobi Shinobi, within the illustrations), readers will enjoy picking out different poems to read.

I Remember by Lee Bennett Hopkins
I Remember: Poema and Pictures of Heritage
complied by Lee Bennett Hopkins
This collection of poetry - each poem written by a different poet and accompanied by an illustration from a different artist - is reflective of heritage, family, and moments of time.  Different cultures are represented, each one celebrating a different way of remembering.  
Each poem and illustration has the creator's name by it as well as a quote from the creator giving us a glimpse into their feelings about their art or words.
Backmatter includes a quick biography of each poet and artist.

Being Frog by April Pulley Sayre
Being Frog
by April Pulley Sayre
The title of this book is so important because Sayre is celebrating the frog as a "being", not a character.  So many of us are familiar with different frog characters, but Sayre wants you to get to know the actual frog, not the almost humanized characters of frogs.
In this book that is one lyrical poem, Sayre celebrates all that a frog does throughout their days - hunting, hiding, growing, communicating, and leaping!  With amazing photographs by Sayre, this book should be leaping into your collections :)

Happy poetic reading!

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