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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer series - a Science Ladder - 7.16.2020

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This summer I'll be sharing chapter books that are perfect for a range of readers.  
Stop by every Thursday and find a round up of books you'll want to use with your readers!

Today's chapter books will take us on a ladder - we'll start at the bottom of the ladder and work up.  The first book will have more supports and an easier plot line, moving up to the top of the ladder that has a more sophisticated story.  But all of the books celebrate SCIENCE (and notice the number of girl characters!)

Happy Paws by Vicky Fang
Layla and the Bots: Happy Paws
written by Vicky Fang
illustrated by Christine Nishiyama
This is from the Scholastic Branches line and it's sure to be a new favorite.  It's an easier Branches book - it will be a good first book after a reader is ready to move past the Acorn line.
Layla and her friends, the Bots, are makers and singers!  In this first book they are scheduled to perform a concert at an amusement park, but the park has to close down due to low attendance.  After looking more into why the park doesn't have visitors, Layla and the Bots learn it's because half of the town are dog owners and want to spend time with their dogs.  How can Layla and the Bots help?  By creating and making, of course!
The book is more of a graphic novel format than prose, which will appeal to many readers!  This book has also taken a cue from the Acorn line and has talk bubbles that are colored coded to help readers follow who is doing the talking.  Very helpful when there are multiple talk bubbles in a frame.
This series is going to be a hit.  This first book published earlier this year and book 2 is coming in August, with more to follow in 2021!

March of the Mini Beasts by Ada Hopper
DATA Set - March of the Mini Beasts
written by Ada Hopper
illustrated by Sam Ricks
The DATA group are three friends who love exploring, making, and finding new facts.  In this first book of the series, they meet Dr. Bunsen who is busy creating something amazing - a growth ray gun!  But as in all new experiments, things don't always go as planned!  Instead, it brings their animal toys to life!  
Quick to read and with a cliffhanger, this series will keep readers wanting to know what happens next!  A seven book series, which means quite a bit of reading for kids who enjoy this series!

Kate the Chemist by Kate Biberdorf
Kate the Chemist: Dragons vs. Unicorns
written by Dr. Kate Biberdorf with Hillary Homzie
Author Dr. Kate Biberdorf is a science professor at UT - Austin, but also works with kids via social media and touring around the country, getting them excited about science!
This series is one of the first STEAM series I've read that has some serious science embedded into the story.  From the definitions at the beginning of each chapter to the explanations within the story about what scientific properties and reactions just happened, this story goes into more depth than other books I've read.
The series also has a fun story to go along with all the amazing science, one that will engage all readers.
The stories are pretty short, just over 100 pages, but there aren't any full page illustrations.  The chapters are quick, which makes this a book that is perfect for a reader building stamina.  The second book in the series publishes this fall, and the third in January.  And if the science appeals to you, Kate the Chemist even has a big book of experiments that should keep you busy!

Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray (Elements of Genius #1)     Nikki Tesla and the Fellowship of the Bling (Elements of Genius, #2)     Nikki Tesla and the Traitors of the Lost Spark (Elements of Genius, #3)
Elements of Genius series
written by Jess Keating
illustrated by Lissy Marlin
I hope you are following this series, it is so fun!  Anything by Jess Keating is, she knows how to add information and knowledge to a book and make it fascinating for all readers.
This STEAM series has a group of characters, all loosely based on some real people, who attend the Genius Academy.  Our main character, Nikki Tesla, is their latest recruit, and together they go on missions where they use their vast knowledge and expertise to solve world problems... or their own!
This series is longer, so more middle grade than chapter books, but there are illustrations that help support visual readers.  If readers are looking for the next step in their STEAM reading, this series is one to find!

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