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#road2reading Challenge - new books for newly independent readers - 9.17.2020

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools
that you may use with readers 
at the start of their independent reading journey.
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You know I am always excited when I can find books for readers who are just starting their independent reading journey.  Readers who need sight words, decodable text, and lots of picture clue supports.  Here are some newly published or upcoming books you'll want to put in their hands!

 Ty's Travels by Kelly Starling Lyons       Ty's Travels by Kelly Starling Lyons
Ty's Travels series
Zip, Zoom!
All Aboard!
written by Kelly Starling Lyons
illustrated by Nina Mata
Kelly Starling Lyons is a rock star author - her books appeal to a wide audience and she can write for any audience!  I'm excited to read and share this series for young readers.
Meet Ty, an adventurous boy who is always on the go.  Whether it's a scooter or using is imagination and making a box into a train, Ty is moving and problem solving through life.
One of the things I love about these stories is how they are written for young readers and have lots of decodable text, but it doesn't fall short (or boring) in the plot category.  Kids will relate to Ty and his adventures and love reading these readers.

See the Cat by David LaRochelle
See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog
written by David LaRochelle
illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
These laugh-out-loud funny stories about the dog and the words on the page is going to be a favorite with readers.  Right away readers know they are in some fun just by reading the title, that refers to a cat, and the subtitle, that refers to the book being about this dog.  This conflict sets us up for some very humorous stories.

A Pig, a Fox, and a Fox by Jonathan Fenske
A Pig, A Fox, and a Fox
by Jonathan Fenske
I love this series!  More fun with the tricky fox whose tricks get him tricked and the lovable pig who can't help but cause some trouble.
Publishes Sept. 29th.

I'm very excited for Penguin's new imprint - in conjunction with Penguin Workshop, Rise is the new imprint for Penguin's youngest readers.  Publishing a mix of board books and early picture books that empower young readers, I'm so excited to see what comes from their fall lineup.  Some of the first books:

Families Belong by Dan  Saks
Families Belong
written by Dan Saks
illustrated by Brooke Smart
This board book helps remind us to celebrate the simple things we can do with our families.  This story does have some longer vocabulary words, so probably a book that you'll read aloud to young readers, but one that will encourage kids to snuggle closer into laps to enjoy a story!  Featuring a variety of families, each page has a monochromatic color feel which balances the simple moments message in the story.  I could also see educators using this book during identity lessons.
Author Dan Saks is known for his songs and podcast that are featured on the website.  I took a peek at it and the songs are perfect for movement breaks with younger kids.  Don't miss it!

The Invisible Alphabet by Joshua David Stein
The Invisible Alphabet
written by Joshua David Stein
illustrated by Ron Barrett
This is one of the most cleverest alphabet books I have ever seen.  An ode to the things that are unseen, not there, or are just...nothing.  For example, y is for yesterday and it features a boy with bandaids on his knees and shin and elbow.  Can't help but wonder what yesterday did to him!  E is for erased, featuring a mostly erased drawing.  I love that this book makes you think about why it's not there, what is the story behind it, what happened to make it gone/invisible/not there.
Publishes Sept. 22nd.

Can't wait to see more books from the imprint!

Hope you found some new books for your readers!  Whether you're together at school or home, I hope you're finding ways to share books with readers this fall!

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