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#road2reading Challenge - new graphic novels 2.25.21

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It's been a long time since I've had a #road2reading post!  And I have loads of books to share with you, just having trouble finding blogging time.  It's been quite the school year this year, right?  But here are some new graphic novels for younger readers that will be a big hit!

Beak & Ally #1 by Norm Feuti
Beak and Ally: Unlikely Friends
by Norm Feuti
This one will make you laugh out loud!  A bird and an alligator become friends, but take a little while to get there.  Perfect for readers who will grow into the Bird and Squirrel series.

Super Detectives by Cale Atkinson
Simon and Chester: Super Detectives!
by Cale Atkinson
Yay!  A new graphic novel by Cale Atkinson, featuring Simon the ghost and his human friend, Chester!  They've set up a detective agency... now they just need a case.
And it's going to be a series!

Shark and Bot
Shark and Bot
by Brian Yanish
A graphic novel chapter book and another set of unlikely friends.  Shark has just moved from Australia and meets Bot (short for robot...) who also has trouble making friends.  Can they make this friendship work?
I like that the story is broken into chapters.

* funny to note, the sequels for all the titles listed above will have to do with sleepovers/sleeping!

Banana Fox and the Secret Sour Society by James Kochalka
Banana Fox and the Secret Sour Society
by James Kochalka
This is going to appeal to your DogMan readers, although I think it lacks the cleverness of that series.  Another mystery/who-dunnit kind of book with a lot of zaniness.

And some sequels!

Pizza and Taco by Stephen Shaskan
Pizza and Taco: Best Party Ever!
by Stephen Shaskan
Pizza and Taco are bored again, so they decide to plan the best party ever!  Of course it doesn't go all to plan, but the good thing is they learn from it!

Bunbun & Bonbon by Jess Keating
BunBun and BonBon: Hoppy Go Lucky
by Jess Keating
Oh no, BunBun and BonBon have lost their luck!  Can some friends help them find it?
I kind of want to read this graphic novel out loud just so I can say the name of a new character - Rosie Stardrop Sparklepants :) :)

Hope there is a new graphic novel in here for you!

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  1. The only one of these I've read is Simon & Chester. I love this hilarious duo.