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Rescue at Lake Wild review - 4.27.21

Happy Book Birthday to Rescue at Lake Wild!  This environmental-conscious story is perfect to celebrate in April and one that will appeal to many readers.

Rescue at Lake Wild
by Terry Lynn Johnson
published by HMH

Madi considers herself an animal-whisperer novice.  She's learned so much from her grandmother and wants to follow her legacy.  She practices a lot, so much that her parents have ruled out her taking in any more lost animals.  But when a local beaver has been shot and killed, Madi feels like she has to take care of the orphaned beaver kits.  Unbeknownst to her parents, Madi - along with friends Jack and Aaron - brings the kits home and hides them in her backyard clubhouse.  Madi knows the kits need care for the first 2 years of their life and they need opportunities to follow their instincts and build things.  
However the big mystery is who shot the adult beavers and why?  When the kids discover that flooding has been an issue for their town and it seems like the cause of the flooding is coming from the beavers' dams, it becomes open season on beavers!  How can Madi and her friends solve the mystery and protect the lives - and future lives - of the beavers?
Coming in at 181 pages, this book is the perfect length for readers who are looking for a fun and engaging story but not one that will overwhelmingly long.  I loved the adventure and mystery in this story and I know readers will devour this read.  This book also makes a great read aloud, especially for this time of the year!  Johnson includes a lot of facts about the animals as well as different conservation tips about living alongside native animals.
Don't you love the cover?  I love the bright, outdoorsy colors and all of the little details.  Do you see Jack and Aaron in the background?  And look at the faces of the beaver kits!
This book is a great addition for 3rd-6th grade libraries.

Want to know more about this book?  Video extra! Terry Lynn Johnson talks about the inspiration behind Rescue at Lake Wild  here

Terry Lynn Johnson writes about the wild with the wisdom and passion of someone who has spent her life working to preserve and protect it - both as a backcountry canoe ranger in Quetico Provincial Park and in her current job as a conservation officer with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. She lives at the edge of a lake in northern Ontario, Canada, where she loves watching all wildlife, including beavers. Visit her online at terrylynnjohnson.com

Twitter: @TerryLynnJ

Instagram: terry_lynn_johnson

Thank you to Barbara at Blue Slip Media for the review copy!

I know you want a copy of this book for your library!  Thanks to publisher HMH, I have a copy to giveaway (US residents only).  Be sure to enter by Tuesday, May 4th for your opportunity!

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  1. Terry's books are all so fabulous! I can't wait to read this one.