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#road2reading - new graphic novel/chapter books for newly independent readers - 6.10.21

It is so exciting for a young reader to be holding a chapter book in their hands.  It's a right of passage, a new step, in their journey as a reader.  I am so glad to see publishers paying attention to these readers and making sure there are chapter books that are just for them.  Chapters with engaging stories that support the readers but give them a longer story to hold on to and enjoy.  Here are some newly published books you'll want for your readers.

Fitz and Cleo by Jonathan Stutzman
Fitz and Cleo
written by Jonathan Stutzman 
illustrated by Heather Fox
This new graphic novel/early chapter book series is going to be a hit with readers.  In this first book, brother and sister ghosts, Fitz and Cleo, meet their newly adopted/found cat, Mister Boo.  While Cleo loves their new cat, Fitz and Mister Boo have a love/hate relationship, which of course ends up making us laugh.  Quick chapters that make you laugh will keep readers coming back for more!

Baloney and Friends by Greg Pizzoli
Baloney and Friends: Going Up!
by Greg Pizzoli
I forgot about how much Baloney and friends make me laugh.  This one did too.  Told in quick chapters that make you laugh, fans of Elephant and Piggie and Narwhal and Jelly will love this series.  
I love how Pizzoli colors his talk bubbles to correspond with the character's color.  It makes it so easy for young readers to follow who is doing the talking.

Extraordinary Warren's World by Sarah Dillard
Extraordinary Warren's World
by Sarah Dillard
Simon and Schuster have combined some books into a long graphic novel/chapter book series.  Warren is a chick who decides ordinary routines are not for him, he wants more than that.  But when he does to explore, he ends up meeting Millard the rat (who is waiting on his next meal) and Egg (literally an egg).  Between dodging and escaping his new enemy and helping Egg learn the ways of the world, Warren ends up being a bit extraordinary.

Snail's Silly Adventures by Mary Peterson
Snail's Silly Adventures
by Mary Peterson
Another combo of books, this one is about Snail and his adventures with his best pal, Ladybug.  I have found these stories to make kids giggle because there is some bodily function (throwing up) that always gets a laugh or an "ewwww"... both keep kids reading!

And some chapter books :

Doggo and Pupper by Katherine Applegate
Doggo and Pupper
written by Katherine Applegate
illustrated by Charlie Alder
Cat and Dog fans will love meeting this threesome.  Doggo and Cat have their routine, but when Pupper comes, things start to change... or maybe it's Pupper who needs to change.  After being sent to charm school to learn some calming behaviors, Pupper returns as a new puppy!  It's up to Doggo to make sure Pupper remembers who he really is and make sure he's happy.

The Middle Kid by Steven  Weinberg
The Middle Kid
by Steven Weinberg
This is probably the longest in the round-up.  Partly autobiographical, this is the story of a day in the life of a middle kid.  While I'm not a middle kid, I think those that are will definitely relate to the story!  

It's summer and that means here at #road2reading it's time for Chapter Book Summer!  Get ready for the series to begin in July!

And ready for more summer fun?  Be sure to stop by tomorrow because I have an amazing cover reveal for you.  Here's a hint!

Fenway and Hattie (Fenway and Hattie, #1)

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