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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer Series - give these books to kids who love Yasmin - 7.22.21

A series that has stayed popular over the years is Saadia Faruqi's Yasmin series.  Yasmin is a character that appeals to readers and has plot lines that feel familiar.  The chapter book series is perfect for readers who are ready for chapters and longer stories but are still working on stamina and need supports (visual, easy plot line to follow, controlled text).

I love the most recent additions.

Yasmin the Scientist by Saadia Faruqi   Yasmin the Singer by Saadia Faruqi   Yasmin the Recycler by Saadia Faruqi   Yasmin the Librarian by Saadia Faruqi

Capstone has published other chapter book series for readers that feature BIPoC characters and creators.  Be sure to check out:

Sadiq and the Desert Star
Sadiq series
written by Siman Nuurali
illustrated by Anjan Sarkar and Christos Skaltsas

Astrid and Apollo and the Starry Campout
Astrid and Apollo series
written by V.T. Bidania
illustrated by Dara Lashia Lee and Evelt Yanait

* note there are new books in both of these series publishing in August!  See below for a sneak peek of the covers in the Astrid and Apollo series!*

Adding to the Capstone lineup, we now have Camila!  Camila is the youngest of three siblings and she just wants to be a star!  Each book features Camila trying to do something that makes her stand out, and maybe get a little famous!  Whether she's trying to break a world record, or win a baking contest, she's not afraid to try something new and work hard on her goals.  Camila shows readers that perseverance pays off and you don't have to be mean to reach your goals - kindness still counts!
I love that the series includes a Spanish glossary at the beginning of the book and doesn't wait until the end.  It's helpful to know there is a glossary and by putting it in the front, readers can review these new words before they start the story so they are more familiar when they come across them in the text.  The back of the book has fun ideas for readers to try that go along with that particular book's storyline.  There is also a glossary (English this time) that gives more information about vocabulary specific to the story.
Readers who love Yasmin are going to equally love Camila!
written by Alicia Salazar
illustrated by Thais Damiao

Camila the Stage Star by Alicia Salazar   Camila the Video Star by Alicia Salazar   Camila the Baking Star   Camila the Record-Breaking Star by Alicia Salazar

I'm really excited to see Capstone is publishing their first character with a disability.  Emma is Deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate.  She also wears a cochlear implant.  This allows her to hear, but she does have trouble when she's in a loud room distinguishing between sounds.  Emma has an interpreter at school and many of her friends have learned how to fingerspell.
What I like about this series is readers will see Emma moving through her day and doing all of the same, or similar, activities they do.  It's important to show readers that people with disabilities do the same things they do AND they have a disability.  The character's disability is a part of her life, but it does not make up her entire identity.  The author does a great job with explaining Emma's disability and how she makes necessary changes to meet her needs.  C.L. Reid is a deaf-blind author and I'm glad she's sharing experiences with her character, Emma.
written by C.L. Reid
illustrated by Elena Aiello

Going on a Field Trip by C.L. Reid   Party Problems by C.L. Reid   Tap Dance Troubles by C.L. Reid   Crazy for Apples by C.L. Reid

Recommendations for all of the books listed above:
for read aloud: kg-2 grade
for independent reading:  1-3 grade

Here's a special sneak peek of the covers of the upcoming Astrid and Apollo books publishing Aug. 1st!


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  1. It's exciting to see all of these fun and diverse chapter book series! I've heard of Yasmin, but not the others, and the Camila books and Emma Every Day books look like a lot of fun as well. I appreciate you spotlighting all of these neat books!