Thursday, November 18, 2021

Our school's Mock Caldecott list - 11.18.21

It's November which means it's time for Mock Caldecott!  Excited to be celebrating books in person this year with our young readers!  Every winter, our 2nd-4th grade readers get to listen to and then do some further analyzing of books that are worth of Caldecott consideration.  It's always so hard to narrow books down and this year was no exception!  I'm grateful to have had a Caldecott selection committee (my fabulous colleagues Laura, Angie, and Terry) to help me get the list down to 12 books.  Here are the 12 books that our 2nd-4th grade students will be taking a look at this winter!

  • Watercress - illustrated by Jason Chin, written by Andrea Wang

  • Mel Fell by Corey Tabor

  • Strollercoaster - illustrated by Raul the Third, written by Matt Ringler

  • Have You Ever Seen a Flower by Shawn Harris

  • Wishes - illustrated by Victo Ngai, written by Muon Thi Van

  • Inside Cat by Brendan Wenzel

  • Shy Willow by Cat Min

  • Outside, Inside by LeUyen Pham

  • Bright Star by Yuyi Morales

  • Milo Imagines the World - illustrated by Christian Robinson, written by Matt de la Peña

  • The People’s Painter - illustrated by Evan Turk, written by Cynthia Levinson

  • We Shall Overcome by Bryan Collier

Our school will have a school-wide book celebration following the ALA Youth Media Awards where they will learn the winners of our school-wide vote and what the actual Caldecott committee selected.  Yay for books!

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  1. How fun that you all put this list together and then read all 12 of these books before the announcement! I've read Watercress, Wishes, and Outside, Inside, and all 3 of them definitely warrant being on the list. I'll be curious to see what the ALA ends up selecting! Thanks so much for the great post, Michele!