Monday, April 18, 2022

A book for Earth Day! 4.18.22

 While Friday may be Earth Day, it's really something we should be thinking about everyday!  Here's a perfect book for your celebration:

Be Thankful for Trees by Harriet Ziefert
Be Thankful for Trees:
A tribute to the many and surprising ways trees relate to our lives
written by Harriet Ziefert
illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald
published by Red Comet Press

Author Harriet Ziefert tells us many reasons why we should be thankful for trees - a tree is food, is comfort, is recreation, and so much more!  Divided up by the reasons we should be thankful and some great examples for each one, this story is told in a rhyming format.  I love that there is minimal text on each page, usually just an example per page (two per layout) which makes it a great read aloud and it's accessible to all readers.  The examples are wonderful springboards for further conversation, such as, did you ever think about how trees give us music since it makes so many musical instruments?  Or, maybe talk about the surprise when we figure out that trees give us so many recreation objects, like baseball bats or paper kites!  By the end of the book readers understand that while trees help us so much with our everyday lives, we also need to remember to conserve this valuable resource!

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