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New graphic novels for readers! 6.08.22

Graphic novels are enjoyed by all readers and I'm glad to see so many for different ages and different genres/interests.  Here are some new ones that have caught my eye in the recent months for readers who are starting their independent reading journey!  

I Really Want a Bigger Piece by Harriet Ziefert     I Really Want to Be First! by Harriet Ziefert
A Really Bird Story series:
I Really Want a Bigger Piece!
I Really Want to Be First!
written by Harriet Ziefert
illustrated by Travis Foster
published by Red Comet Press
This series is written entirely in talk bubbles.  It does not have frames and boxes like graphic novels, but just getting used to talk bubbles is helpful for readers who are starting graphic novels.
This series introduces us to Really Bird - that's his name because he has REALLY big feelings.  In these first two books he REALLY wants to be first and have the biggest piece of pie.  In both books he argues with his friends in order to get what he wants.
On the one hand, young readers will relate to his big feelings.  On the other hand (the adult hand), I don't love how Really Bird doesn't always learn a lesson.  Even when what he wants can sound kind of snotty.  

Blippo and Beep by Sarah Weeks     Blippo and Beep by Sarah Weeks
Blippo & Beep and Blippo & Beep I Feel Funny
written by Sarah Weeks
illustrated by Joey Ellis
published by Penguin Workshop
Similar to the series above, this one does not have frames, but the entire story is told through talk bubbles.  Another great introduction to graphic novels for young readers.  Blippo and Beep are robot friends who are silly and show what friendship looks like.  Looking forward to more in this series.

Sir Ladybug (Sir Ladybug, #1)
Sir Ladybug
by Corey R. Tabor
published by Balzer and Bray
Corey Tabor is a master of crafting stories for young readers.  Whether they are early readers, picture books, and now, graphic novels.  Sir Ladybug is a fantastic new hero for young readers because while he may appear tough, it's with knowledge and logic he wins his battles!  With fantastic sidekicks in his herald (Pell, the roly-poly) and squire (Sterling, the snail), I am excited to have this new series on my shelf for young readers.

It's Owl Good by Renee Treml   Wise-Quackers by Renee Treml   Squeals on Wheels by Renee Treml   Bats What Friends are For by Renee Treml
The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea series
It's Owl Good
Squeals on Wheels
Bats What Friends Are For
by Renée Treml
published by Capstone
Stories that are full of friendship and puns, this series will delight young graphic novel readers.  Ollie the Owl and Bea the Bunny are self-conscientious of their perceived short-comings, but that's what friends are for, to make you feel good about each other and have fun!  Some solid lessons in each story.

Surviving the Wild by Remy Lai     Rainbow the Koala by Remy Lai
Surviving the Wild series
Star the Elephant
Rainbow the Koala
by Remy Lai
published by Henry Holt and Co
This series is based on actual accounts of animals who have survived different kind of environmental issues.  Star the elephant faced deforestation and Rainbow the koala was in a large forest fire.  While the accounts have been fictionalized, even young readers will see the dangers animals are facing in the wild.  With additional information in the backmatter including ways the reader can help the environment, these books are informative and interesting to read.

The Inflatables in Bad Air Day (The Inflatables #1)
The Inflatables in Bad Air Day
written by Beth Garrod and Jess Hitchman
illustrated by Chris Danger
published by Scholastic
Definitely a book to hand to your readers of the Bad Guys series.  The characters are pool inflatables that live at a water park.  When a new  wave pool opens up on the other side, they know they have to get over there and check out all of the new action.  It's goofy and has a lot of "butt" jokes to make younger readers laugh (for adult reviewers, there is just eye-rolling).
I do wish this one had been done in full color.  Not sure why the decision was made to keep it black and white.
Book #2 comes out later this summer.

And one UPCOMING one to have on your radar!

Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe by Shauna J. Grant
Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe
by Shauna J. Grant
published by Scholastic
publishes July 19th
Mimi and her magical plushie, Penelope, have some great and magical adventures.  But no matter what she does, Mimi is only seen as being "cute".  She does not want to be identified as cute, so she has Penelope magic her into different outfits so she is not seen as cute.  She tries out being a superhero, teacher, and a cool kid, but no matter what, it doesn't feel right.  Will she ever be ok with her own identity?
Definitely a new graphic novel series to know about since it features an awesome Black girl as the main character!

Yay for lots of new graphic novels!  I know these books are going to hook some readers!

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