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Thank a Farmer - a review, 9.05.23

If you ask young readers, "where does your food come from?"... the most likely answer will be "the grocery store"!  The idea that the food we buy starts somewhere else is a bigger thought to think about!  And where does most of that food come from?  A farmer!

Thank a Farmer by Maria Gianferrari
Thank a Farmer
written by Maria Gianferrari
illustrated by Monica Mikai
published by Norton Young Readers

Maria Gianferrari goes back and makes young readers think about all of the food that the farming industry gives us and how it might be harvested.  On each layout, Gianferrari asks about a specific food and then in poetic form, explains to young readers how the food is picked and harvested and brought about to eventually landing on their plate!  With 2-page layouts featuring brightly illustrated pictures by Monica Mikai, young readers will absorb so much information between the illustrations and the lyrical words.  I love the vocabulary that is woven throughout the story.  Some of my favorites:  hopper, tubers, punnet, pods, chaff.

There are so many science related texts, I love that this one relates to the social sciences.  Perfect if you're studying rural/suburban/urban or wants and needs or economics!  This is a book I can see fitting in with your discussions.  And while you may think you would only use this book for discussions of rural/farming locations, there is discussions in the book about how farming does occur in urban locations too.  Rooftops, hydro-aero-aquaponics, school yards, and city lots are all mentioned!

I also like how the story turns the table and shares what farmers are thankful for.  From bees to weather to people and machines.  It's a good way to show young readers that we all rely on people and animals and electronic things to help the world go 'round!

I highly recommend this story to be on classroom and library shelves!  It's a book that young readers will reach for because of the information and bright illustrations.  And it's a text that teachers can easily incorporate into the curriculum!

If you would like to add a copy to your library, check out the giveaway below!  Maria Gianferrari and publisher Norton Young Readers have offered a copy of Thank a Farmer to a lucky reader.  Enter by Tuesday, September 12th to win! (US addresses only).

Maria Gianferrari has two connections to farming: she is descended from a long line of dairy farmers in Emilia-Romagna, Italy whose cows provided milk to make the region’s famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; she also grew up in New Hampshire, down the street from Barrett’s Farm and across the street from a maple sugar house where cotton-candy scented clouds filled the air. She now lives with her family in Massachusetts.

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