Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 1.28.15


I am excited to join Alyson Beecher and other friends in this weekly challenge.  Finding great nonfiction picture books isn't a challenge anymore, there are so many wonderful books to be read now!  The challenge is sharing them with as many people as possible so they can find this wealth of literature to share with our young readers.  Thanks to Aly for starting this weekly link-up and thanks to all who join in!

Here are the nonfiction books that jumped out of the stack this week!

Earmuffs for Everyone!: How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs
Earmuffs for Everyone! by Meghan McCarthy
Kids will enjoy this story about the history of earmuffs.
Chester Greenwood's story is an interesting one, especially
since he took the original earmuff and made it even better.
This would be an interesting concept to explore
with students - take an invention, but improve upon it!
I thought the organization of the book was a bit off.
It was kind of all over for me.

Lady Liberty: Candlewick Biographies: A Biography
Lady Liberty * A Biography by Doreen Rappaport
I really liked the idea of The Statue of Liberty being
the subject of a biography!  Rappaport features many
of the key people involved with The Statue of Liberty - from her
conception to her introduction to the United States.
Told from those voices, it makes this book sound
more varied, which I think will appeal to students.

A Place for Turtles
A Place for Turtles by Melissa Stewart
What a gorgeous book!  Stewart's accessible text and 
additional facts paired with Higgins Bond's beautiful illustrations
make this a must-see book!  Whether you're doing a unit on conservation
or animal adaptations, I would definitely add this book to it!
I find sea turtles fascinating and this book is one I want for my collection.

Did you see today's Nerdy Post?  My daughter and I review Emmanuel's Dream by Laurie Ann Thompson.  I love that my daughter wrote her perspective!  You can read it HERE.


  1. Well, I know about the earmuffs one, but still haven't read it, and the others, either. Thanks for sharing about them, Michele. Melissa Stewart produces a lot of books, doesn't she?

  2. I love these titles by Melissa Stewart - A Place for . . . So great to use in the classroom.

  3. I highlighted Earmuffs for Everyone! this week too Michele. I think it is one of Meghan McCarthy's best but I also liked her take on Balto too. I have read Lady Liberty. I love the artwork of Matt Tavares. I need to find the Melissa Stewart title. Thanks!

  4. I've been hearing so much about Melissa Stewart, I think that it's time for me to begin looking for her books. Thanks for sharing these titles today.

  5. I've seen all these books except for Earmuffs for Everyone. It looks terrific. Thanks for sharing, as that one is definitely going on my reading list.

  6. I've only now been aware of Melissa Stewart's nonfiction titles - and this one looks like a true must-read. :)

  7. I like how Candlewick put Lady Liberty into the Candlewick Biographies chapter book series, in addition to having its original picture book format. An excellent way to find a broader audience for the topic that isn't hindered by a single format choice.